Really Rich Folks….and the people just get screwed

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One thing I know from my time on the streets is that really rich folks do not want to see other people that are not really rich folks.

There is a gentrified area in Portland called the Pearl District that used to be a warehouse area. They have remodeled the buildings and it is quite lovely. But they work hard at keeping homeless people out.

Here is a story about how I dealt with a security guard. Now I later made friends with this guy because he is just trying to make a buck and feed his family. But I did get a little hot this day. A rabble poem or potential song follows.

totesI was rolling my shopping cart through some high-end stores, including Whole Foods, in the Pearl District.

I was picking up cans and snipe hunting when I notice a security guard following me.

I panicked for a second.

I tend to think people are out to get me on occasion, but then decided I was doing nothing wrong, so continued about my business. He is on my tail for three blocks when I pulled my cart against the wall, but still on the sidewalk and starting smoking a snipe.



Mr. Friendly informs me that the three feet next to stores was private property and that I was going to have to move. This made me a little hot so I said, “You have been following me for three blocks waiting for the slightest fuck up, you don’t have anything better to do?”

He plays it tough and says he would have me arrested if I didn’t move. Had I been thinking more clearly I would have made him call the police over that non-sense. I was just going to keep rolling, but decided to have a little fun at the poor guy’s expense, now I wish I would have been more kind to him, but hey that is how it goes sometimes.

I roll my cart back in the direction I came from, with him, of course, following me. Every person I meet I say, “Hi, this gentleman behind me is my security guy, say hello to him, if you will.” People seem to think this is pretty funny and after a block he decides he has other areas to patrol.

hobo john


I been listening to my politicians and watching the TV news

makes my heart ache and gives me the blues

I would probably flow over dead if I ever heard the truth

meanwhile the banks have all the money and the people just get screwed yes the banks get all the money and the people just get screwed

Well I love Constitution and the bill of rights

says I am a free man despite the governments might

but they chip away here and they chip away there say it is for my protection

meanwhile fat cats with the hands in the peoples pockets paying for there wives fanny and lip injections

now my revolution will be peaceful for I am a loving Christian

I turn the other cheek

but I wont stand down

I hope you clucks are listening.

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