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RACISM IN CHICAGO: Mayor Rahm Emanuel Forced to a Runoff!


That’s right! Incumbent Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel was forced into a runoff election in his reelection campaign. We suspect there’s nobody alive who can remember the Chicago Democratic machine facing this kind of an embarrassment in a primary election.

Now the fun begins. Garcia had a strong showing but apparently it was third-place candidate Willie Wilson who put the brakes on the Emanual’s campaign. Wilson is black and is reported to have won those that Emanual expected to win.

We think racism definitely played a role in Wilson’s vote totals. The current mayor, a long time Obama lackey, is viewed as a tool of the establishment. Both Garcia and Wilson are running well to the left of the president’s favorite ballerina.

It also looks like climate change is a culprit in this election. Chicago experienced bad weather that held turnout to 34% versus the last primary four years ago when turnout was 42%.

Emanuel enjoys a huge financial edge over Garcia. It may not matter. Wilson is expected to meet with Garcia soon and is expected to throw his support behind Garcia.

This uprising of the far left is a mirror image of what Hillary Clinton is facing with the surge in popularity of Elizabeth Warren.

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