Proof Zombies Exist: Jeb Bush Commits Suicide, Still Walking Around Looking for Brains

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Jeb Bush is apparently the favored candidate of the Republican establishment.  And after this video, he’s likely the favored candidate of the Democratic establishment as well.

We won’t be surprised if big Democrat money starts flowing into Jeb 2016 just like it did for Todd Akin in Missouri in 2012, and for the same reason.  The Democrats version of our Dead White Cat would beat Jeb by 15 points.

We promised you a snuff video, here you go.

That clip was from 2013.  So we have living(?) proof that Zombies exist.  We’ve noticed that few news reports show Bush walking.

“I’ve never felt like the sins of the parents should be ascribed to the children, you know,” Bush said in 2013. “If your children always have to pay the price for adults decisions they make — how fair is that? For people who have no country to go back to — which are many of the DREAMers — it’s ridiculous to think that there shouldn’t be some accelerated path to citizenship.”

Jeb Bush is the reincarnation of John McCain, with one exception.  We voted for John McCain.  If Jeb is the Republican nominee, we’re going to be on vacation in November of 2016.  Maybe in Ecuador or Belize.  Shopping for citizenship.  That would be legal immigration.

Mr. Bush simply doesn’t understand economics for real people.  He’s got the Chamber of Commerce version down pat, but he’s clueless about how economics, in the form of illegal immigration, effects real people.  Here’s what he said in Detroit.

“A growing economy is the difference between poverty and prosperity for millions of Americans,” Bush said. “If a law subtracts from growth, why are we even talking about it?”

He also pointed to immigration reform that included a larger guest worker program, a high skills agenda, and welcoming of “investors and dreamers” as an essential component of his plan to hit a 4 percent growth rate for the U.S. economy.

“Immigration reform should be the lowest hanging fruit and I am frustrated that it is not,” said Bush. “We are missing this opportunity while political fights go on.”


So an essential component of his plan is driving low skilled US citizens out of work – just like Barack Obama has been doing – so the Chamber of Commerce can hire lower skilled and lower paid Mexicans and Central Americans.


Jeb has also made no secret of his hatred for the Tea Party and for conservative principles.  His dislike and disdain for conservatives goes so far that he is seeking advice from none other than John McCain.

I can’t imagine there’s any more to be said.  The commercials just write themselves.

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