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PICTURES: Shocking Pictures Comparing US School Lunches to Other Countries Goes Viral


Pictures have been released comparing what Michelle forces American schools to eat and what kids in other countries get to eat…

Since the program’s inception, Michelle Obama’s Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act has offended the sensibilities of the entire nation.

Conservatives found the program to be invasive, thrusting D.C.’s hand into local education matters. Educators found the program wasted enormous amounts of food and money. Parents found the lunches far too light to be considered “meals.”

And school children everywhere took to the Internet with pictures of the gruesome dishes the program sloshed onto their cafeteria trays every day.

Those pictures did massive amounts of damage to Michelle’s pet program, but now an even worse PR disaster rears its head. This week the U.K. Daily Mail ran pictures of what other countries feed their school children. The comparison is stark … and humiliating for the United States.


The “meal” above featuring an orange slice, a puddle of either apple sauce or a pulverized slice of peach or pear, and what looks like lumpy chipped beef without the toast is one of the dishes that complies with Michelle’s totalitarian program.

Compare this insult to parents, palettes and taxpayers alike with what other nations feed their school children. The contrast below is striking to say the least.

screenshot.2015-02-24 (5)

screenshot.2015-02-24 (6)

screenshot.2015-02-24 (8)

screenshot.2015-02-24 (9)

screenshot.2015-02-24 (10)

screenshot.2015-02-24 (11)

screenshot.2015-02-24 (12)


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In a hard-hitting interview for the March issue of Cooking Light magazine, first lady Michelle Obama promised that the deeply unpopular Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act she has long championed is a “generational” effort that America will eventually see as an historic dietary triumph. the first lady told Cooking Light “I’m confident that the school lunch changes will eventually be embraced by kids. Because we’re really thinking about the kids who are kindergartners today. If all they know are whole grains and vegetables, by the time they’re graduating from high school, this will be their norm; they won’t know anything different.” Obama’s strategy is to start food indoctrination at a very young age, saying “These kids are starting from nursery school, getting whole grains and fish and brown rice


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