Paris Hilton’s Brother Threatens Passengers & Crew Inflight: Arrested & Shackled

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Could Conrad Hilton get YOU Fired For Doing Your Job?

In case you thought that there couldn’t be a more atypical model of a disgruntled airline passenger than Alec Baldwin’s 2011 ‘I wanna play “Angry Birds” ‘ incident, brace for this unhappy brat: Conrad Hilton.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that the 20 year old son of Richard and Kathy Hilton, and uh-hum, brother of socialite and media pig, Paris Hilton, has been arrested for his alleged bad behavior last July on a flight to Los Angeles from London.

Conrad Hilton (as taken by Conrad Hilton)
Conrad Hilton (as taken by Conrad Hilton)

Hilton, who blames the bad behavior on a poor mental state caused by, well, ok, HE says (through his attorney) that his temper tantrum was caused by taking a sleeping pill, BUT  fellow passengers on the flight say that Hilton spent an extended time in the plane’s bathroom and then emerged in a cloud of what smelled like marijuana smoke.

A copilot on the flight, who was assigned to monitor Hilton by the plane’s pilot, reported to the FBI that Hilton was restrained after violent behavior toward fellow passengers and that Hilton was “uncoordinated, delusional, and paranoid.”

Hilton had also complained that other passengers were giving him the ‘stink eye’ and refused to yield the center aisle to flight attendants so that they could serve passengers.

At one point during the flight, Hilton allegedly swung and missed at a flight attendant’s nose. Hilton called the measure ‘defense’ after the attendant, “Came up to me with his nose.”  

He also threatened flight staff with the loss of their jobs, saying, ““I told all of them I could get all of their jobs taken away in less than thirty seconds,” Hilton said, according to the complaint, as he recalled his interactions with flight attendants.  

After falling asleep, Hilton was restrained using handcuffs attached to his seat and remained restrained for the last 90 minutes of the flight.


During the tirade, Hilton reportedly called other passengers ‘peasants’ and made children on the flight cry with death threats and profane language. After being charged with interrupting the duties of the flight crew, Hilton appeared in US District Court restrained (yes, again) by ankle and hand devices.

Hilton responded favorably to the judge’s questions about whether he understood his rights and the charges that had been brought against him. Hilton was then ordered to be released on a $100,000 bond, and was told to continue his mental health treatment. He will appear on March 5 for arraignment. If convicted on the charges, Hilton faces up to 20 years in prison. (Wow, by then, sister Paris will already be a Cougar.)

Not be eclipsed by the attention given to brother Conrad’s bad behavior, sister, Paris, this week, posted a photo of herself on Instagram that has fueled rumors of breast enhancement surgery.

While Conrad’s tirade fuels thoughts of aviation safety on board, should Paris experience distress on a plane there may be NO need to issue her the standard safety gear as her new accoutrements will certainly serve as adequate ‘flotation devices.’

Hilton is represented by attorney, Robert Shapiro, known for his very public role in the defense of famous defendants (OK, yes, the same Robert Shapiro from the OJ trial).


Paris Hilton’s Brother Conrad Charged With Assaulting Flight Attendants on LAX-Bound Plane

Conrad Hilton, younger brother of socialite Paris Hilton, surrendered Tuesday morning to the FBI after being charged with assaulting and intimidating several flight attendants aboard a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles last year.Christina Pascucci reports from downtown L.A. for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015.

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