Osama bin Laden’s Donor List Includes Saudi Royal Family: So Who Needs Enemies?

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Ok folks, peace to you; we may be in for an interesting ride over the next year or so. Multiple media outlets reported yesterday that Zacaris Moussaoui, the “Twentieth Hijacker” named several top Saudi Arabian officials as contributors of money to Osama Bin Laden and the 911 hijackers.

Zacaris’s testimony was given as a part of a civil case brought by families who lost loved ones in the attack on the twin towers. This suit parallels a movement in congress to have 28 pages of the 911 report that were redacted by Bush and still not released under Obama, to finely be released to the public.

Many folks speculate that the pages, if released, would point the finger at Saudi Arabia as financers  and expose out intelligence agencies as incompetent at best.

Rep. Walter Jones, a Republican from eastern North Carolina, is a co-sponsor along with Rep. Stephen Lynch, a Connecticut Democrat, of House Resolution 14, which urges Obama to declassify the 28 pages.

Jones and Lynch recently held a press conference with former Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla, who co-chaired that joint committee, to encourage support for the legislation.

“The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11 and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier.” That from  Graham.

At the January 7 press conference, Graham said“Much of what passes for classification for national security reasons is really classified because it would disclose incompetence. And since the people who are classifying are also often the subject of the materials, they have an institutional interest in avoiding exposure of their incompetence.”

A group calling themselves 28pages.org, who can be found on facebook had this to say, “Like the CIA, the NSA also knew about the San Diego-based hijackers well before September 11. Keeping the 28 pages under wraps may serve the agency in its fight to preserve the post-9/11 mass surveillance programs revealed by Edward Snowden: If the 28 pages amplify the fact that the government had all the information it needed to thwart the 9/11 attacks without those controversial programs, the NSA’s arguments would be further weakened.”

Saudi Arabia has used oil money to deepen their ties to American and world political leaders. Their dollars pollute everyone in Washington from the lobbyists to the politicians themselves.

The connection between the Bush family and the Saudi’s is well documented in Craig Unger’s book House of Bush, House of Saud. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton have received funds from Saudi Arabia including over ten million for the Clinton Presidential Library. In my mind anyone who votes for Hillary or Jeb in the upcoming election is either blind or willfully ignorant. Obama as well tends to skip to Saudi Arabia any time they beckon.

The following if from CNN and details Moussaoui’s testimony.

In the late-’90s, Zacarias Moussaoui claims he was tasked by Osama bin Laden to create a digital database cataloguing al Qaeda’s donors. Every day for two or three months, he claims, he entered names of the group’s donors into a Toshiba computer along with how m“The 28 pages primarily relate to who financed 9/11 and they point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as being the principal financier.”uch they gave.

Zacarias Moussaoui, who pleaded guilty in 2005 to six terror-related charges, makes the allegations in a sworn statement contained in a brief submitted on Tuesday as part of an ongoing civil case by the families of 9/11 victims.

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Moussaoui, who has been in U.S. custody for more than 13 years, said the list featured high-profile individuals, including several members of the Saudi Royal family, who he named in his testimony.

They include Prince Turki al-Faisal Al Saud, former director-general of Saudi Arabia’s foreign intelligence service and Ambassador to the United States.

Moussaoui, a French national, said he was chosen for the database job because of his education and ability to speak English.

“Shaykh Osama wanted to keep a record who give money … who is to be listened to or who contribute to — to the jihad,” he said in sometimes-stuttered answers.

CNN cannot independently confirm the claims Moussaoui makes in his new testimony, which was made under oath as part of a brief filed in opposition to a motion to dismiss a case against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its alleged involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Unlike a deposition, Moussaoui was not subjected to cross-examination by the defendants’ lawyers.

Moussaoui’s credibility has been called into question before. And though Saudi Arabia’s role in the attacks has long been a topic of suspicion, the 9/11 Commission’s report released in 2004 concluded there was no evidence the Saudi government funded al Qaeda.

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“It does not appear that any government other than the Taliban financially supported al Qaeda before 9/11, although some governments may have contained al Qaeda sympathizers who turned a blind eye to al Qaeda’s fund-raising activities,” the report said. “Saudi Arabia has long been considered the primary source of al Qaeda funding, but we have found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded the organization.”

Still, the report noted in parentheses, “This conclusion does not exclude the likelihood that charities with significant Saudi government sponsorship diverted funds to al Qaeda.”

Moussaoui’s new sworn statements were taken in October at a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, where he has been held since his life sentence was handed down in 2006.

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In them, Moussaoui goes on to claim he met with members of the Saudi royal family in person more than once in Saudi Arabia, in order to hand deliver letters to and from al Qaeda’s notorious leader.

“I was introduced as the messenger for Shaykh Osama bin Laden,” Moussaoui told attorneys on Oct. 21.

“Did they treat you well during the [first] visit?” the lawyer asked.

“Extremely well,” Moussaoui said.

Moussaoui claimed he traveled on private jets and in limousines. His meetings took place in luxury hotels and even Saudi palaces.

He was also given money for travel expenses at the Saudi embassy in Islamabad, which he considered a bribe, he said.

Furthermore, Moussaoui said his primary point of contact with the royal family was Prince Turki al-Faisal Al Saud, and that Turki introduced him to other prominent members of the family, including another former Saudi Ambassador to Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

Tuesday’s court filing also included statements by three members of the 9/11 Commission, former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman, and former Sens. Bob Graham and Bob Kerrey.

Their statements do not support the specific claims Moussaoui makes, but do argue further investigation of Saudi government involvement is necessary.

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“I am convinced that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the Sept. 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia,” Graham wrote.

Kerrey told CNN on Friday that while he can’t verify Moussaoui’s specific allegations, he does believe the new information highlights the need for further investigation.

“It deepens suspicions that everything about Saudi involvement is not as well known as it should be,” he said.

I will let Martin Dyckman over at Citizen Times wrap things up for you.

“The events of 9-11 killed nearly 3,000 Americans — the deadliest attack ever against our homeland — and led us into wars that have cost nearly 7,000 more lives.

More than thirteen years later, the full truth behind that atrocity is still being kept from the American people — by our own government.

That’s intolerable.

What is there to fear from the truth?

Saudi Arabia is ruled by an unelected regime that is one of the world’s most authoritarian, intolerant and repressive. It recently sentenced an internal critic to 50 lashes weekly until his back has been laid open 1,000 times.

Not content to rule only its own land with an exceptionally harsh and fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, the Saudis have spent billions exporting it to other countries in the region, effectively nurturing the spread of al-Qaida.”

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