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Oregon Corruption Scandal Includes Other Dem Govs – CA, WA Plus Obama


The green energy corruption scandal that forced Oregon’s far left Governor John Kitzhaber to resign a month after his reelection looks like it has legs.

The people of Oregon didn’t share in that kiss, but they did pay for it.

The Oregon scandal revolved around Kitzhaber’s live-in “first lady” who was a “consultant” for green energy. She took hundreds of thousands of dollars in “consulting” fees and Governor Kitzhaber pushed environmental legislation in Oregon. The US attorney and the FBI are investigating the scandal and it looks like the governor and his mistress were bought off by big green money.

It turns out that the Oregon scandal is much broader than just Oregon. One of the major players looks like Tom Steyer, a billionaire Democrat and green energy donor. It also includes Gov. Jerry Brown of California, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state and officials in the Obama administration.

The goal of this corruption scandal, funded by Steyer, was to involve a group of green governors who would coordinate state environmental policies across the United States. These governors would promote green industry agendas and backdoor US energy policy.

The plan included a private White House dinner to create buy-in on the strategy. Select Governors, senior White House officials, Steyer, and other major environmental donors were on the guest list.

The goal of meeting was to create broad or state climate agreements.

Inefficient green energy is the only viable with billions of dollars of support from government. Elected Democratic officials appear to have been bought off by green energy. The US attorney needs to extend the investigation beyond Oregon to California, Washington State, and the Obama administration.


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