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7th-Grader in Ohio Told Her Arms Are Sex Objects. Sharia Law?


A seventh grader in Mount Orab Ohio went through her closet looking for the perfect dress for her school’s Valentine dance. She chose a yellow dress that belonged to her sister. Here’s her dress.

It turns out the school has a dress code. That dress code specifically bans tank tops. And please take another look at the young lady in her yellow dress.

Full disclosure: we are old. We are fussy about clothes. We are not particularly fond of tank tops. We’re also not fashion mavens. All that said, we have no clue how the school administrator who spoke to this young lady could conceive of that yellow dress as a tank top. But here’s what happened

According to the young ladies mom, the vice principal told her that Ari’s dress was too revealing and that “her arms were sex objects.” Surprise surprise, the school principal denies the vice principal said that.

We’ve long held that putting your children into the public school is tantamount to child abuse. Here’s another case that proves our point.

What do you think of Ari’s dress?


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