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Obama Vetoes Keystone. Sticks it to Unions


Upon its arrival at the White House Pres. Obama, with no fanfare, vetoed the Keystone pipeline bill. The veto was expected and puts radical environmental interests in the Democratic Party’s far left base ahead of the American people’s wishes. The veto also flaunts science and rational thought.

President’s veto will be upheld by Democrats slavish servitude to their far left base.

One other consequence of Obama’s veto is that it angered his union supporters.

Terry O’Sullivan, general president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, called the veto “disgustingly predictable.”

Obama understands that he can stick it to union supporters just like he can stick it to the black community and there will be no repercussions.

Obama’s own State Department has issued multiple reports attesting to the fact that the pipeline is safer than moving oil by train. The bottom line is that the oil will be moved from Canadian oil sands US refiners one way or another. It’s currently being moved by train and both Obama’s State Department and his EPA agree that the pipeline would be safer.

The State Department and the EPA also agree that the pipeline will have no impact on “climate change” either.

But we are dealing with Barack Obama. Facts don’t matter. Politics matters.The Keystone pipeline has been on the agenda since 2008. It has been the subject of multiple reviews but as state departments SpokesTwit Jen Psaki blathered, “It’s an ongoing process that doesn’t have a deadline.”

We haven’t heard the last of Keystone. Republicans are threatening to attach Keystone legislation to bills that the president will have to sign. Although given the Republican leadership’s ongoing and cowardly cave-in on homeland security legislation that blocks the Obama Amnesty, we don’t expect much.


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