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Obama Unveils $4 Trillion Budget, Threatens Congress and Reminds Us He’s a Marxist [VIDEO]


Barack Obama warned congressional Republicans that he won’t accept a budget that boosts national security at the expense of domestic programs.

Are you as sick as I am, listening to this class-warfare, lying and collectivist rhetoric?

I guess somebody’s buying it – but I ain’t.

Friend me on Facebook – if you dare. No one turned away.

It also calls for $239 million to help the Environmental Protection Agency fight climate change.

Even though most Republicans have already been blasting the basic framework of the budget — suggesting it’s full of tax increases and will never fly with their side — they haven’t ruled out all hope of dealing with Obama. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan suggested Sunday that he’d like to find “common ground” on corporate tax reform.

Thanks Paul. You’re not our guy anymore.

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