Obama Knew The ISIS Hostages Location Months Before They Were Butchered

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With the death of another ISIS hostage, Kayla Mueller, President Obama called a press conference for a high sounding speech.  Here’s part of what he said.


ISIS has, at least to this commentator, been successful in striking fear into the heart of at least one man.

And that would be the one on the right.

At least, after announcing the death of Kayla Mueller the President didn’t zip off to a golf game as he did after his speech about the murder of James Foley.  He didn’t offer the parents of either murder victim the opportunity to speak, as he did with the parents of the deserter who he traded five top level terrorists to get back.  Of course, the parents of the murdered hostages aren’t Muslims either.

The President is making noises.  But he’s not doing a damn thing.

The U.S. government obtained intelligence on the possible location of American captives held by ISIS in Syria last year, but Obama administration officials waited nearly a month to launch a rescue mission because of concerns that the intelligence wasn’t conclusive and some of it had come from a foreign service, U.S. and British officials told The Daily Beast.

British officials, as well as private security contractors, said they were frustrated by Washington’s hesitance to give the go-ahead for a rescue attempt, which eventually was carried out on July 4, 2014, by which time the hostages had been moved. The following month, ISIS began beheading its American and British prisoners in a series of grisly Internet videos.

According to the British, Obama knew exactly where James Foley was for over a month.  They did nothing.  Foley was butchered.

And, as you would expect with the Obama team, the story just gets worse.


Diane Foley, the mother of James Foley, who was the first American to be shown murdered on camera, also raised questions about the timing of the rescue effort, telling The Daily Beast that French officials had developed information about the hostages’ location as early as March, but that the U.S. government didn’t act on it.

“That was part of our frustration,” she said. “The State Department said they were connecting with the French and everybody at the highest levels.” And yet, there was no movement on the U.S. side. “Very specific information was available as early as mid-March. And that’s what’s been so tough for us as families, because apparently they were held in the same place all those months,” Foley said.

March.  On the Curmudgeon calendar that’s four months before Foley’s death.  The Obama team had the location of the hostages and refused to act.  Actually, “they” didn’t have to do a damn thing.  All they had to do was give an order.  The Special Ops guys would have done the work.  They wouldn’t even have made a peep when the President took credit for bringing the hostages home.

Oh, and guess who was on the list of people who the Obama Administration knew about in March of 2014?  Well, in addition to James Foley, there was one Kayla Mueller.  Another victim of something the President and his team refuse to call “Islamic terrorism.”

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