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Obama is Enabling Islamic Terrorism


President Obama’s infatuation with Islam is enabling terrorism.  He refuses to face the fact that terrorism in the world today is driven by one thing, Islam.  Christians aren’t beheading people, Hindus aren’t burning hostages alive.  It’s not Jews who have declared war on their neighbors, slaughtering them and putting them in slavery for the past 1,400 years.  It’s Muslims.  Followers of so-called Prophet, actually, a pedophile prophet, Mohammed.

Here’s Ralph Peters on the President’s infatuation with Islamic terrorism.

Peters is right.  Until the President comes to terms with the fact that Muslims, by their nature and at the command of the leader of their cult, are butchers, Muslims will continue to take up arms against their neighbors, butchering and/or enslaving them.

Here’s the full White House statement regard the slaughter of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by Muslim terrorists in Libya.

The United States condemns the despicable and cowardly murder of twenty-one Egyptian citizens in Libya by ISIL-affiliated terrorists. We offer our condolences to the families of the victims and our support to the Egyptian government and people as they grieve for their fellow citizens. ISIL’s barbarity knows no bounds. It is unconstrained by faith, sect, or ethnicity. This wanton killing of innocents is just the most recent of the many vicious acts perpetrated by ISIL-affiliated terrorists against the people of the region, including the murders of dozens of Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai, which only further galvanizes the international community to unite against ISIL.

This heinous act once again underscores the urgent need for a political resolution to the conflict in Libya, the continuation of which only benefits terrorist groups, including ISIL. We call on all Libyans to strongly reject this and all acts of terrorism and to unite in the face of this shared and growing threat. We continue to strongly support the efforts of the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General Bernardino Leon to facilitate formation of a national unity government and help foster a political solution in Libya.

Note that there is no reference to the fact that the murdered men were Coptic Christians.  This is even though the Muslim butchers who beheaded them announced that they were killing them specifically and only because they were Christians.  Again, there is no reference to the fact that the butchers were Muslims and the President has already gone out of his way to say that members of ISIL are not “Islamic.”

Make no mistake about it, a radical Muslim is someone who wants to kill you.  A moderate Muslim is someone who wants a radical Muslim to kill you.


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