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Obama & Hillary Officially Charged as Accessories to Terrorism


That’s right, both President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been charged by the Egyptian government with being accessories to terrorism.  Specifically, to the slaughter committed by the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that has solid links to Muslim terrorist organizations like Hamas.

For the first complaint, Obama was officially named as “an accessory to crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.” The charge is serious, with specific details about his accessory role, that said he, “cooperated, incited, and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes.”

The other charge, against Clinton, accuses her of working with Naglaa Mahmood, the wife of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi, in an attempt to overthrow General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, the current leader of Egypt (H/T Western Journalism).

They are also charged with attempted bribery.  That charge stems from giving the Muslim Brotherhood $8B to open up the Sinai Peninsula to Hamas so they could launch attacks on Israel.

Since President Obama is well known to be an enemy of Israel it’s not a big leap to believe that he and his Secretary of State could have been actively involved in this.

Mahmood has since admitted that she’s worked closely with the Clintons, dating back to the 1980s — including numerous phone calls between the two since then, hundreds of which she has recorded.

Obama and Clinton provided the push needed to overthrow an Egyptian government that had long been a solid ally of the US in the Middle East and put in place a government run by the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood moved almost immediately to install Sharia Law in Egypt and turn that nation into a 14th century backwater like everywhere else Sharia Law and Islam rule.

The Egyptians would have none of it.  In the ensuing riots that eventually overthrew Barack’s Boys in Egypt, signs like this were common.

Just so we’re clear, that sign in the middle isn’t referring to Michelle.

Things are continuing to deteriorate in the Middle East as Obama’s “Arab Spring” continues to be the only thing that is responding to his concerns about global warming by turning into a permanent “Arab Summer of Discontent.”  The Obama administration, and Hillary Clinton, have turned the Middle East from a region that had a chance to live at relative peace into a zone of Sharia slaughter.

After the fantastic job our Marines and soldiers did in Iraq Obama “ended the war” as he promised, bringing our military home.  He then had to turn around almost immediately and send them back in smaller numbers because the carriers of the Sharia banner, ISIS, was on the verge of taking over Iraq.  Both the Jordanians and the Egyptians have been trying to help out with bombing attacks against ISIS and our President and his Hillary replacement, John Kerry, have refused any help.  They’ve refused requests for intelligence so they could better direct their bombing missions.

We think the Egyptian government is right on the money with these charges.  We also hope that a Republican administration in 2016 will send Hillary to Cairo as US ambassador and pull her diplomatic immunity upon arrival.

Pass the popcorn.


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