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Obama Administration Plan to Stop Terrorism is Give ISIS …


Here is State Department SpokesTwit Marie Harf once again proving that she is dumbest person on planet earth.  She’s outlining the Obama administration’s plan for world peace.  For stopping the terrorism that no administration official will call “Islamic terrorism.”

Their plan is “jobs.”  Probably “shovel ready” jobs.

When you hear Ms. Harf (rhymes with “barf”) you’ll slap your forehead in wonder.

All we can really say about this is best summed up by Homer Simpson.

Just a couple of really stark points about the utter stupidity of what Harf is saying.

First of all, the Obama administration telling anybody anything about “creating jobs” is laughable.  The only jobs created by this administration have been taken by aliens.  The US economy is in the worst recovery following a recession in history.

Second, the whole idea that this has to be a “long war” and that we can’t “kill our way out of this” is complete bulls**t.  The administration has no concept of history, the President proved that with his comments about the Crusades.  As a reminder, the Crusades were a defensive war fought by Europeans against Islamic armies that were expanding their empire.  The Crusades stopped that aggression.  If 1,400 years of history has shown us one thing, and conclusively, it’s that Muslims stop slaughtering their neighbors when they are met by overwhelming force.

Our problem, starting with Jimmy Carter and getting worse with every President, including Ronald Reagan and especially George W. Bush, is that we’ve never used “overwhelming force” against Muslim aggression.

  • Carter gave the Iranians a complete pass.
  • Reagan didn’t respond to the slaughter of Marines in Lebanon.
  • George HW Bush didn’t press the first war in Iraq.
  • Clinton was too busy with Monica and cigars to respond to Muslim aggression in his time in office.
  • George W. Bush made sure everybody knew he thought Islam was a “religion of peace” and structured the Rules of Engagement in a way that put our soldiers and Marines at significantly greater risk while avoiding so-called “civilian” casualties.
  • Barack Obama has moved even farther away from reality with his Rules of Engagement.

As to “killing our way out this” we would remind Harf of our experience in the last war we actually won.  That would be WWII.  While our immediate goal was to destroy the armies of Germany and Japan, we took the war straight to the civilian population.  See Dresden.

In Japan we not only dropped two atomic bombs, we fire bombed Tokyo with conventional incendiaries, burned down most of the city, and killed more civilians in Tokyo than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

The result?  WWII ended over 70 years ago.  Before the war both Germany and Japan had been warring with their neighbors for as long as there had been Germans or Japanese.  Since WWI, when we made sure that the world understood that there was a very, very big price to pay for slaughtering your neighbors, Germany and Japan have been two of the most peaceful places on earth.

We can absolutely stop Muslim terrorism in it’s tracks.  We can do it before the end of this year.  Send in the B52s and flatten every city that is giving cover to ISIS.  Flatten every city that ISIS tries to hide out in.  Make sure no living thing survives.  Make the body count in the millions and make sure that every Mosque and every Muslim school, the places that teach terrorism, are among the first places targeted.  Make sure they’re targeted on a day when they will be filled with adherents.

When Muslims understand that if they want to take up arms they, and everybody they know, everybody around them, will all die by fire, they’ll call it off.

Only then.  Unfortunately, this administration, populated by people every bit as stupid as Marie Harf, doesn’t care about stopping terrorism.  They’re actively enabling it.


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