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News Content – The Life Blood of Politics. And the Obama Administration Controls the Blood Supply


The Obama administration and the political ruling class in Washington hate Sharyl Attkisson.  They’re also scared to death of her because she’s got a powerful voice.  She’s borne the brunt of their attacks on her news content and she’s currently suing the Feds for hacking her computers, we hope she wins.

One reason the power brokers in the administration are so afraid of her, and hate her so much, is that she’s been inside the belly of the beast.  And she survived.

Today, she’s talking about how the administration controls news content at the major media level.  Spoiler alert:  they spend lots of your money.

Lots and lots of your money to make things like a 5.6% unemployment rate sound like it’s a good thing.  And they get away with it because nobody pays attention, it’s just too much trouble.  And we all know the government wouldn’t lie to you, right?



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