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Illinois Governor Taking on Unions, Moral Bankruptcy in Obama’s Home State


Of course he’s a Republican! New Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner, is attacking Democratic strongholds in the fiscally and morally bankrupt state of Illinois.  We’re guessing he’s going to win and – like Scott Walker – the frothing at the mouth unions, Democrats and their lapdogs in the media are out for blood:

Here’s the headline from the Chicago Tribune:  Bruce Rauner is Scott Walker on steroids. But is that bad?  Oh my.  Remember that in union and Democrat circles, there is no man more hated than Scott Walker.

Rauner pushed to move newly hired public employees into a pension system more in keeping with what taxpayers have in the private sector, rather than the old-fashioned government meat-gravy-and-more-meat-and-gravy pensions.

There are thousands of state employees with six-figure public pensions, Rauner said, an unconscionable luxury while so many taxpayers wonder whether Cholula sauce will improve the dry dog food we’ll be eating when we’re old.

Rauner’s budget, he said, will end “the irresponsible and reckless practices of the past, and make sure they will never happen again. We make difficult choices that no one wants to make. It is what this occasion requires.

Rauner’s new budget leaves no ox ungored, no sacred cow not turned into steaks.

The proposed cuts include $1.5 billion from Medicaid, plus hundreds of millions from state worker health insurance, aid to local governments and higher education. The plan would also cut deep into state aid to mass transit…

That, we would say, is a good start.  You can expect to hear from elected officials in the home of Barack Obama, Chicago, that they’ll have to cut the funds going to community organizers, among other things.

We’re wondering if the White House will be calling Rauner a terrorist?

The Illinois legislature is heavily Democratic in both Houses, there’s going to be a huge fight in Springfield this year and it will determine a number of fates.  Rauner’s future among them.

The bottom line is that Bruce Rauner is picking a fight and he’s naming the terms, much like Scott Walker did in Wisconsin.  Let’s hope he’s victorious, as Walker has been, because these two guys are the model for Republicans in the future.  And in both Illinois and Wisconsin, the future is now.


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