The Narrow Gate: It’s Okay to Speak the Truth

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I think it is ok to speak the truth when you see corruption and misdeeds around you.

When I first came off the streets I drove cab for a while, a job I truly enjoyed as I got to meet new folks every day. My hometown has a small college at the heart of it, and the college has a pretty fair baseball team. It also has a pretty fair language school, so we get a number of Asian and Middle Easterners over here learning English.

One day I picked up a young couple from Saudi Arabia that wanted to go to our rendition of a mall. They had a small boy with them probably three, who looked very well cared for and happy. I could see right away that they were kind people, the wife especially seemed to exude sweetness even though here face was covered.


The father was also kind but did have some arrogance about him. His wife knew English better than he did and I think American culture baffled him some; so he was trying to be maybe more than he was, to make up for his lack of confidence.

At any rate I was stopped at a red light waiting for it to change; there were not any cars coming, but I was making a left. The father, who was sitting next to me in the front,  waved his hand in a sort of haughty way and said in a  commanding voice, “Go.”

Well this gave me the shit giggles a little. His wife also started laughing a little too, she was happy and relieved I wasn’t getting upset, and I am sure her husband had embarrassed her a time or two in the past. The husband, at that point, had to smile a little himself. I informed him of the local traffic laws and the rest of our trip was uneventful.

You ever notice how the bigs in this country; big oil, big government, big agriculture, big banks including the Federal Reserve Bank, big media, etc. spend a lot of cash on propaganda messages trying to influence how you think?


Well, the same thing happens in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has spent hundreds of billions of dollars promoting Sharia Law. Yet you do not see our government trying to get them to stop.

We like their oil you see and I assume, although I may be wrong, the CIA is helping them protect it, so it keeps flowing our way.

I ain’t so convinced the Saudi leaders even give a crap about Sharia Law, I assume like our leaders they are concerned with power and greed. But by promoting Sharia law it keeps the people all stirred up and forgetting where all the money is going; exactly like the bigs do it over here.

My theory is when all that oil money starting pouring into the Middle East the culture started changing and changing quickly, and when then that happens fear tends to arise. Folks look around and the cultural and community markers that help them understand who they are have all changed.

Now radical Islam and Isis have committed some heart sickening acts, these kind of acts also tend to scare a lot of folks. I honestly believe they have to be stopped, but by who and how, well I am not so sure.

The one thing that does concern me is that the Bigs around the world and this country  will use radical Islam as a way of curtailing more of our freedoms.

There is an overlooked line in The Sermon on the Mount in Mathew. “and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.” So if you measure out fear, hate, anger, greed, well it can look like a very miserable world, because those things are being measured back to you. Measure out things like kindness, understanding, generosity, joy, well the world becomes lovely again.

I know a lot of you folks think Christianity is under attack in this country, you may be right for all I know. But in my mind Christ and Christianity need no defense. Besides Christ said count it a blessing to be persecuted.

Christ healed a Roman Officers servant and then proclaimed that the officer had great faith, faith beyond even those he found in Israel. He then goes onto say, “Many will come from  east and west and sit down with Abraham…in the kingdom of heaven.” Those who come from the east and west won’t all be Christians, but those who practice Christ’s teachings of love and forgiveness, non judgment and praying for enemies, regardless of culture or religion.


The opening of John tells us that Christ was there in the beginning with God and that “without him nothing was made that was made.”

You see Christ has been around a lot longer than just those 30 odd some years in Israel. In my mind that is why his teaching show up in all the other religions. He is the great mystery and none should be hasty to limit his reach.

We have a family from India in town that practices the Sikh religion. They own some gas stations and the whole family helps run them. I was in one a while back and some poor devil who did not like the price of ice, was telling them to go back to where they came from, letting them know this was America by God.

I did not judge that guy, he has every right to say what he said in this free country of ours. I wish I had thought to pay him a kindness; he looked like he was having a rough day and maybe a rough life. But I was impressed with how the Sikh handled it. They didn’t say a word just let him have his say until they were finished. Unfortunately they told me that type of thing happens all the time.

It is common sense that people who feel isolated in a community can build up some resentment that can eventually lead to violence. How did I know that family was Sikh? Well I had a conversation, and we smile and chat every time I am in there. I wasn’t always like that, but the streets taught me we are equals under the eyes of God.

If you see some folks in your community that may be in danger of becoming isolated because of how they look, or what they say, well start a conversation.

Common folk around the world is common folk, wanting the same things we want. “And they will know we are Christians by our love.”

As for the bigs and radical Islam. “Love you enemies, bless those that curse you, do good to those that hate you…” It ain’t easy and I am sure as hell not perfect at it, that is why it is called the narrow gate. But it is also the gate that leads to a peaceful, joy filled heart.

That being said, I wish more Congressmen would start speaking the truth – maybe the common folk would get a break.

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