More Workplace Violence. This Time it’s Christians

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Apparently a group of Christians wandered into a movie set on the Mediterranean and disrupted a film schedule of the Islamic Screen Improvisation Society.  The Improvisation Society was making a comedy based loosely on the old Keystone Cops movies to provide some lighthearted relief for women and children in Libya who are under attack by the 2,600 members of the US military who’ve been sent to the region to kidnap Islamic babies to be sent to Israel for various religious rituals involving pure blood of infants practiced by the filthy Jews.  The Christians must have been pretty scary looking in their orange outfits that could have easily been mistaken for Crusaders’ armor.  The Society members immediately moved to defend themselves.

They were able to overcome the Crusaders.  And, as their name implies they improvised a new movie, again, to bring laughter and joy to the women and children of Islam.

The terrorists known as ISIS released a video on Sunday that seems to show the militant group beheading 21 Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya.

The Egyptians, dressed in orange jump suits, were beheaded after being forced down on the ground on a beach. An early caption in the video says the location is “Wilayat Tarabulus by the Mediterranean Sea,” which suggests that it was filmed near Tripoli.

Each of the victims, who are all male, is paired with a masked, knife-wielding terrorist and, after a brief statement by the ISIS leader, they are all beheaded.

The video is called “A Message signed with blood to the nation of the cross” and was released by the group’s Al-Hayat Media Center…

We are expecting a public condemnation of the invasion by the Christian Crusaders by the White House and the State Department.  Where are Josh Earnest and Jen Psaki when you need them?


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