Michelle’s Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act is Up for Renewal. It’s Teaching Our Kids a Valuable Lesson

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Michelle Obama is all about healthy eating and controlling our weight.

She got the Democratic Congress, back in 2009, to pass the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act that requires school districts to follow strict federal guidelines so that our kids will be healthy and won’t get fat.

It limits portions to health levels and requires kids to eat fruit and veggies instead of Cheetos.  Here’s some of the yummie fare that Michelle is forcing down kids’ throats.

Yum!  Bologna with a greenish vitamin additive.

Chicken and feathers.  An old Obama family recipe for an exciting meal.

A hot dog, we love hot dogs, and this one has the green vitamin additive as well.  What would we do without Michelle caring for our kids more than we do.  We know that’s true because school districts often inspect lunches brought from home to make sure they meet federal guidelines.

It’s done by unionized teachers and it’s for the kids.

We’re not quite sure exactly what that is, but darn, those unionized teachers should be making sure the kids are eating it.  Yellow stuff and brown stuff.  That’s two important food groups those kids are missing out on.  And we’ll bet the farm that they’re not getting that nutritious stuff at home.  Hey, it takes a village, and don’t forget for one moment who is Queen of the Village.

And fruit!!  Everybody loves ripe pear, right?

Michelle knows best.  And she’s making sure her daughters are eating the same kind of healthy food at Sidwell Friends School.

Oh, and about that valuable lesson our kids are learning over their school lunch?

  • The government isn’t likely to “know better;”
  • Government regulation sucks.

We’re pretty sure that’s not the message Michelle intended to send, but it’s certainly a worthwhile lesson for them to learn.

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