A Melancholy Yak from Yakima

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Hello sweet people, God Bless you. A woman who works at my favorite convenience store here in town was wearing this jade necklace the other day and I could not make out what it was; so I asked her. Turned out it was a yak.

I said oh, you mean from Yakima.  Now that may be a regional joke as not everyone has heard of Yakima Washington, which is just a couple of hours from here.


The pen is mightier than the sword, unless of course you are in a sword fight.

I write jokes you see, and that ain’t got much to do with what follows other than it is good to keep a sense of humor as you go about things.

Resist not evil, Christ tells us. I contemplate that quite a bit.

He may be talking about the evil in the world, but he may also be referring to the evil within. Now evil is a pretty strong word when we are simply referring to emotions like hate, anger and shame.

I have always been pretty spiritual, but for a long time I was taking the wrong approach. I am a Christian therefore I can not be angry, jealous or sexually attracted Katy Perry, was my attitude.

So I would put a fake smile on my face and go about my day like I was the happiest Christian fella in the world. That fake smile was also pretty tight as I was repressing everything about myself.

A lot folks are afraid of displeasing God, like hell fire and damnation will be your fate if you but screw up once. Well I am hear to tell you folks God is your friend, it is simple as that. He is here to help you with your anger, sadness and shame, if you are brave enough to ask.

So if you are feeling jealous because some handsome devil is flirting with your girl. The first and best thing to do is admit it. Say, “God I am jealous here.” Then don’t resist it, in fact tell your jealousy how much you love it, thank it for being there. That in it self may be enough to get rid of it. But if you are essentially eternally jealous like I tend to be; well ask God to enter in and remove it.


We build up habitual responses over the course of our lives that, while they don’t make us feel better, they makes us feel safe because we are used to them. Now you may get a miracle when you ask God for help with your jealousy, and never feel it again.

But that has not been the case with me when it comes to anger, pride and jealousy. I am usually feeling something like that every hour or so. But since I have not been resisting them, loving them when I feel them and asking God for help on occasion; I am happy to say they are much less of a factor in my life than they ever have been.

So as you go through your day, your week your year and your life keep in mind this Hobo Metaphysic: Serve God but also allow God to serve you. Some one said I looked a little melancholy the other day. “Melancholy?” I replied, “sounds like a sick combination between a fruit and a puppy.” yuk yuk, yuk or is it yak, yak, yak?

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