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A Lesson in Progressivism: “Americans-in-Waiting” New Name for Illegals


The Obama administration unveiled a new name recently for those illegally in this country: “Americans-in-Waiting.” Instead of defining those illegally here as illegal immigrants, the administration is hoping that Americans will embrace the new euphemism.

And, why not? Euphemisms are an essential tactic that progressives have been utilizing since the beginning of their uncompromising philosophy in the late 1800s.

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While the progressive viewpoint encompasses a number of issues that they deem need resolving through their strategies, one such issue that progressives have placed at the forefront and feel should be eradicated is their belief that Americans fear immigrants.

Once progressives pinpoint a cause they want to modify, they set about subtly, slowly and methodically to alter how the issue is perceived by the public.

This is usually accomplished by applying language that explains the topic in a positive or at least neutral way, rather than exposing the truth about the issue.

All too often, a transformation in the listener’s mind begins to occur as this new and “positive sounding” language takes hold and garners the intended effect.

obamaMany remember for example, when President Barack Obama said in October 2008 during his campaign that, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Many cheered when they heard what they may have perceived to be encouraging words.

Some who heard the speech during Obama’s campaign may have envisioned a nation with lower tax rates, low unemployment figures and a number of other beneficial initiatives. After all, no one took the time to question what he really meant when he said those words. It has become clear to many, having clarity of hindsight, that the meaning of the words held a detrimental significance.

In addition, during this same time period, many were also lulled into the “hope and change” rhetoric by an energetic, well-spoken candidate who some believed would give them what they had been looking for but had never received.

The optimistic “hope and change” mantra epitomizes the social movement that progressives typically use to capture their listening audience, often conjuring up a swell of emotions, until the listener is finally “hooked.” Unfortunately, once the truth emerges and the agenda is revealed, it’s generally too late to change course.

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This administration also recently tried to tug at the American heartstrings when they sponsored the “executive order for anchor babies” agenda. The language used allowed the listener to visualize a precious little baby.

The goal was to make the public feel protective toward these “babies. It no doubt swayed some people. However, those that argued against this agenda were immediately labeled racists.

Even conservatives who see through the progressive agenda often fall into this “progressive trap.” Once snared, the progressive machine roars into action to engage the conservative into an argument.

The argument is aimed at putting the conservative on the defensive and ultimately trying to make him or her appear to be a “racist.”

As the progressive swoops in to spread the word to others that conservatives are against the “positive” message because they are “evildoers who hate,” the progressive message would only continue to pick up momentum.

Once at this point, nothing would be gained and the goal of winning the argument by the conservative would be lost. While it is possible that a progressive will change his or her mind and agree with the conservative, let’s just say the conservative would have better odds playing the tables in Vegas.

The current slogan, “Americans-in-Waiting” is no exception to the progressive agenda. A rational conservative will instinctively want to correct this misnomer by citing the truth and engaging in a discussion to change the progressive’s mind.

The debate would go something like this. “These people are not Americans-in- waiting. They should not be given citizenship when they came here illegally. Also, they should not be allowed to jump in front of other immigrants who came here legally and who have been waiting in line, some for a long time, to become legal citizens.”

Progressives, seizing the moment they have been expecting and waiting for, would then call conservatives hate mongers and racists because they are speaking out “against” a group of people that progressives’ support or who are at least a part of the particular progressive scheme.

The end result would be game over for the conservative who did not accomplished his or her goal.

There is a solution, however. Conservatives would do well to study the rules of the progressives and develop their own message. Conservatives will then be able to share their own truthful and positive message with the public without becoming involved in a pointless conflict.

Conservatives need to stop being so predictable and begin to see the progressive strategy for what it is. It’s a trap that seeks to turn others against conservatives and shutdown the conversation. When this happens, progressives win.

Instead of trying to argue against the reasoning of their current euphemism, “Americans-in-Waiting,” conservatives would be better served by creating their own message, one that embodies the truth without involving the progressive agenda.

I propose that conservatives use the positive and truthful message on immigration which is: “Legal Immigrants are the Real Americans-in-Waiting!”

It’s an affirmative message that reflects the truth without giving progressives an opportunity to run a play out of their progressive playbook.

Shouldn’t it be “Democrats in Waiting” anyway?

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Susan Calloway Knowles

Susan Calloway Knowles, is a licensed Psychotherapist and former practicing Family Law Attorney, Author, Guest Speaker on Conservative Internet Radio, and a political/cultural Blogger. Susan is also an avid investigative researcher having honed her skills in the legal profession. Susan’s website,, covers articles she has written on an array of topics, including governmental interference of parental and children’s rights, the U.S. Constitution, military and veterans’ issues, issues pertaining to California from the viewpoint of a conservative living in a Blue State, and hot topics pertaining to the Obama Administration’s policies, including immigration policies. You can also find her on Twitter at @SusanKnowles. Susan’s book, a political fiction, is entitled “Freedom’s Fight: A Call to Remember,” and is available on Amazon.


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