Judge Jeanine Finally Gets It! What is “IT” You Ask?

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Judge Jeanine Pirro finally gets it with our President.  She finally understands what makes him tick.  And the Judge does a good job of explaining it in well under a minute.


Yep, our President is comfortable with extremism.  But not just any extremism, no sir.  He certainly wouldn’t tolerate Buddhist extremism or Hindu extremism.  Christian extremism would be cause to call out the National Guard.  Patriotic extremism?  He’s already accused the Tea Party followers and US military veterans of being terrorists.

So President Obama is comfortable with extremism, but only one variety.  That would be Muslim extremism.  That would also be the only variety of extremism being practiced in the world today.

We think maybe, just maybe, this prayer breakfast could haunt the President.  Even more than when some now out-of-work staffer invited Dr. Ben Carson to one a couple of years ago.

Between the “high horse” comment, and the fact that the Crusades happened to be a defensive war against Muslims who were slaughtering their way across both the Middle East and Southern Europe, the President has dug himself a hole.  Let’s see if he understands the first rule of holes:  stop digging.

We’ll know the answer to that one if any reporter actually challenges him on the facts of his statement.

So, OK, we probably won’t know.

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