Jordan’s King Abdullah Joins Front Lines: Obama Plays the Back Nine

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Jordan’s King Abdullah has reportedly strapped on his bayonet and joined the parade of brave Jordanian’s out on the front lines, kicking ISIS in the ass.

I love this guy:

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Let’s take a quick look at what our President is up to:


Lots of heads of states around the world have paid lip service to fighting jihadists and standing against the monsters of ISIS. Jordan, meanwhile has executed ISIS operatives and walked the talk of counterterrorism.

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Just once I want to see our President looking this serious. That’s the leader of a country in a jet fighter, ready to show his people, his soldiers under his command, that he’s committed.

There are rumors the King will be leading a batallion of ground troops, flying bombing missions and fighting on the front lines.


Even if they’re just rumors – wouldn’t you want that to be the story, instead of Barack Obama doing whatever the hell he does all day? Giving speeches filled with platitudes and of course, golfing.

I don’t care when these photos were taken, I understand all about war propoganda – But it makes me proud just to be alive to know there’s still somebody out there with a pair.

This is the closest our President will ever get – with a Starbucks safely in his saluting hand..

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Jordan army releases video of strikes against IS positions

– (JORDAN) (AFP) – The Jordanian Royal Airforce released a video on February 5th showing its warplanes launching strikes against the Islamic State group, after King Abdullah II vowed a harsh response to the burning alive of a pilot captured in Syria. Duration: 00:37

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