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Jerusalem Mayor Shows Barack How to Deal With Muslim Workplace Violence


President Obama got a lesson this weekend in how to deal with terrorism.  As a matter of fact, he’s gotten several over the last month.  Let’s remember that the President seems to consider Muslim acts of terrorism to be nothing more than workplace violence.

That’s how he and his administration referred to the murders committed by unknown jihadist at Fort Hood.

Then when a new Muslim convert what you and attempted to behead a female coworker in a home the president was willing to overlook the fact that his Facebook site was filled with praise for jihad and from Muslim terrorists.  Again more workplace violence.

Earlier this month when ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot alive the King of Jordan not only ordered increase rates on the butchers as a pilot he participated in them. When 21 Egyptian Christians, that the Obama administration couldn’t bring themselves to call anything other than “civilians,” the president of Egypt ordered his Air Force to increase their attacks on ISIS.

The president of the United States refused to even share intelligence with Jordan’s King or Egypt’s president.

Yesterday afternoon in Jerusalem came another lesson for Pres. Obama. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat tackled a knife wielding terrorist on the streets of Jerusalem.

Here’s the account the takedown from the Times of Israel.

The black-and-white footage shows pedestrians waiting to cross the busy Tzahal Square near City Hall. The Palestinian man pulls out a knife, then stabs his victim from behind.

The wounded Israeli man, Avraham Goldstein, turns and keeps the attacker at bay with his phylactery bag as other passersby scatter.

Goldstein can then be seen retreating across the intersection as the assailant walks into the street, seemingly pondering his next move.

That’s when Barkat, visible in his white shirt, marches in from the right with his security team. Guns drawn, the bodyguards on both sides of Barkat order the Palestinian man to drop his knife, which he does.

The video then shows Barkat lunging at the attacker and bringing him down with the help of his bodyguards.

When the mayor was asked whether he considered that the attacker might injure bark at respondent that he hadn’t given a second thought, he simply acted “instinctively.”

That’s the difference between a leader and someone who thinks “leading from behind”is a good strategy.

In the case of Pres. Obama we are convinced that he’s leading from his behind.


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