James Robertson Walks 21 Miles to Work: Obama’s new hero?

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Ten years ago Detroiter James Robertson’s car broke down. Not being able to buy a new car, he has since then been walking 21 miles per day getting to his factory job and back. 
We Americans, often called greedy and indifferent to those of less means, have by now donated over $90,000 to a funding site set up in his name, and a car dealership has donated a car to James.  He was on CBS News as well.

James Robertson: what is so attention-grabbing about him? As far as we now know, he is choosing to take responsibility for his own life.  He didn’t turn to drugs, nor government hand-outs.  He turned to the strength in himself to do what had to be done, no matter how difficult that may be.
James Robertson, 56 years old, should be the face of President Barack Obama’s soon to be announced initiative: How to Succeed in Life without Government Hand-outs.
Right – I was just kidding.  There is no such initiative.


His initiative so far is to stir up racial violence as well as hatred of police.
James Robertson is the man who should have been sitting with Michele Obama at Obama’s State of the Union speech this year instead of an illegal alien.  He is the one whose lifestyle should have been praised.  It would have been the perfect time to inspire Americans to work really hard in order to make something of oneself.
Far better to inspire Americans to be like James, than to be like illegal aliens and others who are looking for Obama’s government to take care of them from cradle to grave.
Far better to inspire us to greatness than to teach us to expect a handout when hard work would suffice.  Far better it would be to teach Americans about the value of a good education, a thrifty lifestyle, hard work, intact families and that good old fashioned American “I can do anything” spirit.

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