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It’s Time For a Remake of “The 300” Only This Time, In Iraq and Starring…


The United States Marines.  As a refresher, here’s the background on The 300.

A Greek force of approximately 7,000 men marched north to block the pass at Thermopylae in the summer of 480 BC. The Persian army, alleged by the ancient sources to have numbered over one million arrived at the pass in late August or early September.

The vastly outnumbered Greeks held off the Persians for seven days (including three of battle) before the rear-guard was annihilated in one of history’s most famous last stands.

During two full days of battle, the small force led by Leonidas blocked the only road by which the massive Persian army could pass. After the second day of battle, a local resident named Ephialtes betrayed the Greeks by revealing that a small path led behind the Greek lines. Leonidas, aware that his force was being outflanked, dismissed the bulk of the Greek army and remained to guard their retreat with 300 Spartans,

Because of the heroics of the 300, the Greeks were able to win the day and defeat the Persian army.

The story has been made into a number of movies.

It’s time for a remake that will once again stop the march of the modern day Persians, the army known as ISIS that is overrunning Iraq and Lybia and butchering everyone in their path.

The Obama administration seems to think that we need to fund  a jobs program for ISIS and that will take them off the battlefield.  We prefer the solution put forth byformer Navy SEAL and author of “Lone Survivor” Marcus Lutrell.

300 Marines.

We’d quibble a little with Lutrell, but only on the numbers.  We’d prefer a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), a special operations force made up of roughly a battalion of infantry plus air power.  It amounts to about 2,200 Marines.  They can be operational anywhere in the world in less than 48 hours and can carry out sustained combat for two weeks without resupply.  Today is Wednesday, they could be on the ground and fully engaged against ISIS by Saturday.

The critical element is not the deployment of the Marines, it’s the revision of the Rules of Engagement which are now designed to put our Marines at risk to protect ISIS fighters and supporters.  Eliminate the current RoE and Lutrell is absolutely right, ISIS would cease to exist in short order.


The Marines have been in Anbar province before.  They’re very well known.  It was the most dangerous place on earth when they arrived last time and when they left it was more peaceful that your average Chicago Southside neighborhood.

It’s time for a real fight.  Time to take off the gloves and wipe out not just Islamic terrorists, but we need to wipe out the desire of Muslims to even think about terrorist acts, slaughtering their neighbors, or 72 virgins.  Send in the Marines, it’s way past time Mohammad ran out of virgins.


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