It’s Easy to Know Who Democrats Fear. The Hit Pieces Have Started Aimed at…

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Governor Scott Walker.  Governor Walker has them quaking in their boots.  He’s beaten the tar out of them for the past four years in a purple state.  He’s defunded public employee unions.  Balanced the budget from a deep Democratic hole.  Actually lowered property taxes for the first time in anybody’s memory.

He says stuff like this.

That sound was liberal heads exploding.

Democrats and unions spent hundreds of millions trying to recall Scott Walker.  they tried to recall a group of Republican State Senators.  They tried to beat a Republican appointed Supreme Court Judge.  They lost across the board, and badly.  Walker won the recall by a bigger margin than he won his first election.  Last year Democrats hauled out their best hope, a woman who held executive positions in the family business, headquartered in Wisconsin.  Walker trounced her by a bigger margin than he won his recall.

The soon-to-be-avalanche of hit pieces has started with this gem from the Washington Post.  They are really desperate.  They couldn’t find affairs.  They could find any hint of corruption even though a Democrat District Attorney in Milwaukee has been using a “John Doe” investigation to try to dig up dirt on Walker for over two years.  A judge through the investigation out of court and had very harsh words for the prosecutor.

Here’s the best they could do.

In 1990, that news stunned his friends at Marquette University. Walker, the campus’s suit-wearing, Reagan-loving politico — who enjoyed the place so much that he had run for student body president — had left without graduating.

To most of the Class of 1990 — and, later, to Wisconsin’s political establishment — Walker’s decision to quit college has been a lingering mystery. Not even his friends at Marquette were entirely sure why he never finished. Some had heard that a parent had fallen ill, or maybe there was some financial strain. Others thought he had simply had enough of school. Walker clearly liked college politics more than college itself…

Walker’s own explanation has been short and simple. He got a job. He meant to go back. But he just never found the time.

“A lingering mystery.”  In fact Walker quit school and got a job.  It seems that path has served him – and the people of Wisconsin – very well.

Believe it or not, it gets worse.  It turns out the WaPo seems to think Governor Walker is some kind of latent failure.

Today, Walker, 47, is the governor of Wisconsin and a strong contender for the GOP’s 2016 presidential nomination. He is known for an astounding political hot streak: Since 1993, he has run 11 races for state legislature, county executive and governor — including a highly unusual recall election in 2012 — and he has won them all.

But before that streak came a string of defeats — the campus election, his failure to finish college and his first campaign for state office.

“A string of defeats…”  A campus election – he was a conservative Republican on a campus that Karl Marx would be lumped together with Ronald Reagan.  His “failure” to finish college.  Excuse us?  That sounds like the was tossed out, failing classes.  There is absolutely no evidence of that, in fact, we’ll bet Governor Walker will make his school records public.  Unlike some other public figures.  And he lost his first campaign for public office at the state level.  Earth to WaPo…  Almost everyone loses their first campaign for state office.  Since then, he’s won eleven in a row.

For a while the desperate unions in Wisconsin were trying to pass off stuff like this.

Walker wasn’t asked to leave Marquette.  We have no idea what his GPA was, and frankly we don’t care.  It’s obvious that Wisconsin’s desperate unions have their stories confused, they were obviously thinking of a guy who was tossed out of Harvard for cheating.

Next thing you know, we’re going to be hearing about how Walker left an election eve party drunk and drove his car off a bridge leaving a young man he was having sex with in the car to freeze to death in a cold Wisconsin river.

Grasping at straws.  We love it.  And, we love Scott Walker.  He’s a winner

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