ISIS Murders an Old Man’s Son. Guess What Happens Next?

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In January, ISIS accused a group of eight Iraqis of being informants for the Iraqi government.  They proceeded to do what Muslim terrorists do best.  The made them kneel down and shot them in the back of the head.  Of course there was the inevitable video of the “executions.”  One of the men, 18 year old Ahmed Basil, left behind his father, a proud old man in his 60s, Basil Ramadan.

ISIS released photos from a video of the execution of Ahmed Basil Ramadan and seven others, all said to be police officers, accused of informing on Islamic State for the Iraqi government.

Entitled ‘the Day of Judgement’, the photos from the video show eight Iraqi men dressed in orange Guantanamo Bay style jumpsuits.


The photos show how the eight prisoners were blindfolded and frogmarched along the edge of the river, most likely the Euphrates.

Their hands are handcuffed behind their backs and each Islamic State fighter appears to be holding their victim’s neck as they march to their deaths.

They appear to have been taken to a quiet area away from the city, possibly under a motorway bridge, near the river. Forced to kneel down and unable to see, the prisoners wait as each Islamic State fighter draws their pistol and takes aim.

Each prisoner is executed with a single bullet to the head. Afterwards, the security forces pose for a photo. The squadron are shown pointing their pistols at the video camera.

ISIS butchering people isn’t news.  Maybe the only thing about this story so far that is newsworthy is that ISIS shot them in the back of the head and didn’t behead them.

But wait!  The UN was heard from in this atrocity.  That’s certainly news!

OK, a spokestwit from the UN blathering about ISIS like an MSNBC commentator isn’t news either.  If there’s a more feckless group on earth that the UN, we haven’t heard of it.

We’ve forgotten something!  We’ve forgotten one man.  Basil Ramadan, an old man in his 60s.  An old man who has likely led a very hard life.  An old man who raised a son he could be proud of, a son who joined the Iraqi security forces and put his life on the line to fight for his country.  An old man whose son volunteered to penetrate ISIS and provide information to his government in the hopes he could make a difference in the fight against these butchers.

What happened next is that ISIS learned a lesson.  Don’t mess with an old man’s family.

An Iraqi man has shot and killed seven ISIS militants in an act of revenge for his son who was executed by the terrorist group, local media reports.

Basil Ramadan, said to be in his 60s, used an AK-47 to gun down a group of militants at a checkpoint in Tikrit, a city northwest of Baghdad currently under ISIS control, before he was shot.


Mr. Ramadan, may you rest in peace with your son.


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