“I Have a Message for the President … Frankly Sir, You Ought to Close Your Mouth …”

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Bishop E.W. Jackson, founder of StandAmerica, had some harsh words for President Obama after his most recent apology tour at the National Prayer Breakfast.  You’ll recall this gem.


Comparing Muslim terrorism of today with Christian history from 1,000 years ago.  And an absolutely wrong interpretation of history at that.

Bishop Jackson had this to say to the President, speaking with Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Fox and Friends.


Right on the money Bishop Jackson, right on the money.

Muslims and apologists and enablers for Muslim terrorism like to fall back on the Crusades to justify today’s butchery by Muslims.  They get away with it because our schools don’t actually teach history anymore.  Bishop Jackson points out something that almost no one, anymore, knows.

I would remind the president that the Crusades began in 1096 as a response to Islamic aggression and the fact that they had conquered the Holy Land and they were oppressing Eastern Christians. And there was a response to that. So, if the president is even going to cite that as an example, then he ought to get his history complete.

While we’re at it, and since the President mentioned it, how about the dreaded Spanish Inquisition?

The Vatican historians, on their way to apologizing for the Spanish Inquisition, estimate that the Inquisition investigated about 125,000 people.  Those investigations took place over a 350 year period in Spain.  Of those, about 1.8% were executed.  That works out to 2,250 dead, killed by the Inquisitors.  Over 350 years

There are about 127,000 days in 350 years, so roughly one person was investigated per day.  With 2,250 dead, that works out to about one dead person every 58 days.

If you’ll recall, President Obama has been personally managing the drone attacks in the Middle East.  He picks the targets.  He orders the strikes.

President Obama was overheard bragging to administration aides about his ability to kill people with drones, a new book about the 2012 campaign season that’s due for release on Tuesday claimed.

The president’s specific words: I’m “really good at killing people…

And so far, in his time in office, 2211 days, Obama has ordered drone strikes that have killed 2,464 people.  More than one every day of his Presidency.

And Boko Harem, over the course of about a week, killed over 2,000 people in Nigeria.

We believe the drone related deaths were ruled “accidental” and the Boko Harem deaths were likely the result of workplace violence.

The President talked about slavery too, we’ll address than in a later post.  He’s not right about that one either.

You know, for a guy who attended, supposedly, some very pricey schools – Columbia and Harvard – he really didn’t learn much.

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