Harry Reid’s Brother Charged With DUI, Resisting, Battery & Unlawful Possession of Gun..

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So Harry Reid busted up his face on a treadmill?.. Hmm – his brother Larry has a different story:

73-year-old Larry Reid (yes, brother of the former leader of the Senate), was arrested the other night for driving over a median, resisting  arrest, attacking a police officer, failing to obey, not wearing a seat belt and possession of a gun while under the influence of alcohol.

Kind of sounds like someone Harry Reid would automatically accuse of being in the Tea Party, with the press making the announcement soon after. But no, it’s Harry’s brother Larry. What’s he doing with a gun?

Larry Reid

Harry Reid

You heard it right: Gun, drunk, battery, resisting, DUI… Looks like if Larry got to keep his doctor, he’d better get to him and hope he has some of that sweet ObamaCare.. And why don’t you hit up your bro for a limo?

Sen. Reid’s Office released the following statement:

“Larry Reid is Senator Reid’s brother and this is a private matter.”

Not anymore.

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The brother of Nevada Sen. Harry Reid was arrested this week for alleged drunk driving.

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