God Bless you, Now Accept it Why Don’t You?

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God Bless you, a wonderful greeting. In fact God is endlessly blessing you or wants to at least; the question becomes will you accept those blessings.

To take that a step further you may want to ask yourself, am I worthy of God’s blessing? Well the answer is a resounding yes, you are his child after all.

That was not always the case with me and I am assuming it may be with some of you folks as well. A couple of weeks into my street journey when I was still full of anxiety and self loathing I had a very strange dream indeed. I was in a cage and this parrot was on top of it lowering me down out of the heavens.

I noticed I white note at the bottom of the cage and wondered what it said. A thought then said, “The note says God loves you.” This filled me with great anxiety. I mean I was hoping he did but was not sure enough to open the note.



Well it is 12 odd years later and I was laying in bed last night kind of reflecting on my day, like many recently it had been a good one. You look at my life from the outside and it may be laughable to some. I am a 50 year old man living in my mamma’s basement, no savings and not a whole lot of income at this point.

Seven years alone on the streets with just the dark side of your psyche for company and material things while important, they certainly do not rule my life. Friendships, relationships, creativity well, those are my real interests.

Anyway as I was laying there I had the thought, “You are loved,” and it honestly choked me up some, because I knew it was true. I have a good girlfriend who loves me, a ton of family and friends around town and on facebook who love me, I attend a loving church. I get to write everyday for Joe for America. Think of all those blessings that God has rained down on me.

When I was getting ready to come off of the streets I wrote this Hobo Metaphysics: “It may be that nobody in this world loves you, accept God, but that is more than enough.” I think I wrote it as a way to give me the strength to reenter our sometimes crazy and always moving to quick society.

Later that night I had another thought, Nobody can stop me from loving myself or others. In other words I may end up on the streets again, in prison, who know what else could happen in the future, but none of that can change my heart and how it feels.

So count your blessing folks, take confidence in God’s love for you, and spread the true wealth of kindness and friendship. Hobo John here. I love you with everything that I have, that is my motto, my mantra and the truth of things. Oh, and God bless you.

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