Get Naked, Talk about Jesus, Take your Picture

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As I have mentioned I have rock star dreams and dreams of bringing my man Jesus back to the top 40. I give him credit for pulling me out of my great depression, off the streets and back into a life I enjoy very much. Not that there was anything wrong with the streets, I was happy out there too towards the end.

I sang a while back at an open mic night down at a local cafe. Mic is short for microphone if you are not hip to what happens in down and hip coffee shops. I was on close to last and the crowd was thinning a bit, like my hair I might add.

Anyway I started with a couple of my corny jokes and things were all right up to that point. But I introduced my songs as a Jesus trilogy, which they were. Well this guy in the audience sort of violently reacts at the idea of a Jesus song at an open mic. He  grabbed his head like he was in pain, said something I did not catch, and started pouting. Then a waitress, who is a friend of mine, started chewing him out.


It got a little awkward for me from there on, I felt a little shame arise, but was able to finish with not too much anxiety.

The whole incident became funny thanks to a musician friend , who had maybe been through that a few times himself.

He got me laughing real good, and for that I am grateful. “Get naked, talk about Jesus, take your picture,” was one of his more clever lines.

Jesus Christ was quite the handsome fellow

Jesus Christ the most beautiful man around

Jesus Christ was quite the handsome fellow

That is why those pharisees tried to run him out of town


Jesus Christ loved all them hookers

you know he never judged a whore

Jesus Christ loved all them widows

and all the girls that live next door


Jesus Christ was kind to the wicked

they really were his favorite type

they rejected all that churches doctrine

and all those pharisees  hypocritical tripe


I fell in love with Jesus

after reading one simple verse

He said God was kind to the ungrateful and the evil

even though society play it in reverse


Now  I wrote that song back when I was on the streets in Texas, and it is part of my Jesus trilogy.

I used to be, and still am, a little provocative at times so as to draw attention to my self and make a point.

When I first put it together the first line was, Jesus Christ was a sexy mother f**cker. Just thought I would throw that in there, so as to be provoctive I guess.

“God is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.” That is by far my most favorite Bible verse, sums it all up: if we are going to be happy we are going to have to love those we think are terrible and unfit for anything but the  depths of hell; the evil, wicked scumbags of the earth.

Notice how I used the words, think are terrible. Nothing keeps us away from God more than our own thinking. Our hearts know the truth however, and we must listen to them more. Our hearts know that every human being on this planet, no matter what we think of them, is a beautiful child of God, fully worthy of our love.

Now if I had been thinking clearly instead of feeling ashamed of and sorry for myself I would have sang another song to that fella. The chorus goes like this:

“Well I used to talk about Jesus and my friends said shut your mouth. Yea I used to talk about Jesus and my family questioned my mental health. Now I don’t say a word about Jesus but I do what he says; and that means I love you my friend.”

So as you go through your day and your days, convey Jesus through your deeds of kindness, words of comfort, and acts of charity, let your love shine brightly for all the world to see. Peace to you folks, I love you with everything that I have.



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