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Georgia Taxpayers United President Calls for End of “GOP Betrayal”


Nathan Adams, President of the Georgia Taxpayers Union is appealing for an end to the leadership ‘betrayal’ of Georgia taxpayers by the “… apologetic “leadership” team at the Georgia GOP.”

In an email to fellow Georgians, Adams cited the “T-SPLOST” tax hike, the used car tax hike (TAVT), and the so-called “hospital bed tax,” as examples of ‘tax and spend’ initiatives.

Citing a lack of accountability in both dominant political parties, Adams asked that Georgians “force the political class to do what they were sent to do.”

Adams reminds email recipients that for many years Georgia republicans hoped that a GOP majority in the State legislature would rid the state of ‘tax and spend Democrats.’ And that once elected, they hoped for change and thought that, “now that we have a Republican majority, things will get much better at the Capitol in Atlanta.”

But with the recent tax hikes in the Peach State, Adams tells readers that hope for better fiscal leadership has not born fruit and encourages them to “right this ship.”

Adams further states that, “…to do this, you must get involved where the party bosses do not want you. . .  inside the party, choosing principled leadership” and that, “Our goal is to advance the cause of personal freedom and limited government.” These sentiments are also echoed on the website of the GTU in the ‘About us’ page where the organization further states that, “We believe that government taxation and spending should be narrowly limited to those powers and purposes specifically granted by the People and enumerated in the Constitution of the State of Georgia and the Constitution for the United States of America.”

The call to action reminds readers that, “In March, your county convention will be held, and the mass precinct meeting this Saturday is your “ticket” to the county convention. If you make it to the county convention you will be able to elect good leadership that is committed to the defense of liberty.”

Last, Adams states that, “Georgia Taxpayers United is not a partisan organization.  We respect your right to belong to the party of your choice (or to choose not to belong to a party for that matter.)”

Adams’ email comes at a time when many Americans are buckling down and preparing their State and Federal returns for 2014. In addition, many Americans are faced with mounting confusion related to the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as Obama care, or the Affordable Care Act) and other confusing issues such as those surrounding the electric-car tax credit.

Georgia GOP precinct meetings will be held on various dates at county sites in March. Doors at meetings open for registration at 9:00 a.m. and meetings start promptly at 10:00 a.m. For meeting information, click HERE.


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