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CRAZY week in the News – A Recap for the Week of February 23, 2015


Here’s what happened in the news this past week.

It’s certainly been a busy week in the news. Hear all the details and find most full-length articles on this website.

Hear all the highlights and lowlights for the headings listed below:

CPAC welcomed Scott Walker to the podium this week. Hear what he said that made the crowd cheer.

Lois Lerner may have some explaining to do because of what was reported in the news this week. Find out why.

The GOP once again backed down and agreed to separate Obama’s executive order on amnesty DHS issues.

The FCC passed net neutrality in a vote of 3-2, after declining to release the 332 page draft order or appear before the House Oversight Committee. Hear what it means to you.

American Sniper, Chris Kyle/Chad Littlefield murderer will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The Obama administration has  a new name for illegal immigrants.

Also, the Obama administration who can’t call out radical Islamic extremists says you should be more afraid of right-wing sovereign citizens.  Is that true?

Finally, we said good-bye Friday morning to Leonard Nimoy.


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