Could Jeb Bush Be Having Even More Problems With Email?

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Here is an email solicitation that was received by a friend of ours.  It’s from an “independent PAC” set up by friends of Jeb Bush.  There’s something missing on this email.  Check it out.

Get it?  What’s missing?

The opportunity to unsubscribe.  That’s likely a federal violation.  Now there are a couple of “wiggle areas” for Jeb.

First, the PAC is “independent” and not officially run by him.  That’s called “deniability.”  Second, it’s a “media advisory” also known as a press release.  That may or may not trigger a violation of mass email rules.

We don’t have an opinion on what will happen, but we’re going to find out.  Our friend is filing a complaint.

Jeb is in enough doodoo over emails this week the feds may take a hard look at this one.

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