Cops Unleashed!! In Canada of All Places

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Some stories require cheap whiskey in your coffee to actually finish.  This is one of those and it is about cops unleashed in Canada, not cops unleashed in, oh, say, Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

[Pausing for coffee]

In 2011, a 17 year old girl was arrested in Kativik, Canada for being drunk and disorderly.  So far, nothing all that unusual.

The arresting officer, a rookie officer, who had been with the force for less than a month, handcuffed the woman, placed her in the back of a van with 24-year-old Joe Kitrik, and left.

Now, we’ve got an allegedly drunk and disorderly girl, handcuffed, in the back of a police van with a male offender.  Here’s where it gets dicey.

The police officer, rookie that she was, and apparently on patrol by herself, walks away from the locked police van for some reason or another, the original story doesn’t indicate why, and frankly, we probably don’t want to know.

The man, Mr. Kitrik, turns out to be a sex offender who had four previous sexual assault convictions.  [Queue the theme music from Jaws]

And, it just so happens, he isn’t wearing handcuffs.  [Pausing for two large sips of coffee]

The rookie officer eventually came back, probably noticed the van was rocking and likely heard muffled screams from inside the locked van.  [More coffee]  She opened the door and much to her surprise she discovered Kitrik with his pants down on top of the 17 year old girl.

The officer got Kitrik off (no pun intended) the girl and proceeded to the police station.  And believe or not, the story isn’t over yet.


The girl, recently raped by a four time sex offender, was tossed in the drunk tank.  The cops were busy, or something, that night and couldn’t be bothered to call her parents.  Or take her to the hospital.  The story doesn’t indicate whether a judge eventually thought being raped was sufficient punishment for being drunk and disorderly or whether he imposed a fine and more jail time.

Apparently, the young lady has finally sobered up and is suing the rookie cop (who quit the force), the police department, and the regional government for a piddly $400,000.  She needs a better lawyer.

Oh, and the rest of the story?

An investigation by the force cleared Gallant of any wrongdoing.

We’re shocked.

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