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CBS Reports ISIS Harvesting Organs of Captives: What’s Your Plan, Obama?


A domestic plan of action for Obama is in order.  The world witnesses almost daily examples of the barbarity of radical Islam, of their war on Infidels, Recent headlines are instructive.  We need a domestic plan of action.

ISIS is probably harvesting organs, according to CBS:

isis-terror-6ISIS SIS militants reportedly burn to death 45 people in western Iraqi town

U.S. Expects to Quadruple the Number of Syrian Refugees Brought Here

U.S. officials admit concern over possible terrorists among those who are being allowed into our country.

Having already threatened to take over our White House, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State, has vowed to lead the conquest of Rome, saying “This is my advice to you.  If you hold to it you will conquer Rome and own the world, if Allah wills.” have been the responses of Obama and his administration?

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What have been the responses of Obama and his administration?  The State Department spokeswoman suggested that lack of jobs is what drives the Muslims to kill us.  When laughed at for her idea, she said her words were probably too nuanced for some of us to understand. How condescending!

Social media is enticing educated middle class young people from around the world to join their crusade. College educated Muslims participated in the events of 9/11.

It has nothing to do with jobs, and everything to do with Muslims who take the directive of Allah seriously to establish a new Caliphate and to kill all Infidels.

Eric Holder blamed Fox News for spending so much time getting Obama to call it what it is: Islamic terrorism.  I am sure Fox has plenty of other subjects to address once the admission is made, some which he may like even less.

His speech was full of platitudes, as he mentioned a sweet 11 year old Muslim girl who sent him a Valentine’s card.  She expressed a hope that Muslims will not be hated here in America.

Mr. President, we Americans are NOT targeting peaceful Muslims among us. Because of the radicals among them, we perhaps are guarded in our relations with them, but we are not harming them.

A domestic action plan for America’s war on Here is a domestic action plan we could all support, Mr. President: investigate to confirm or deny the rumored existence of Terrorist Training Camps in America.  If they do exist, wipe them off the face of the Earth, and deport every person who is training there!  Perhaps Muslims without jobs could do the work, in order to keep them from wanting to be radicalized, as your State Department declares.  Then enter our prisons to find who is being radicalized there.  Take care of that problem!

Perhaps we should not allow those from terrorist countries to come to America to study the sciences and computer technology.  We allow Muslims from the Middle East to take the place of Americans in our colleges, and they can then use the education they received from us to destroy us.

Or perhaps, following your story, we should send Valentine’s cards to all Muslims in America,  just to make them feel good about themselves – so they won’t want to kill us.


We should declare that if an American citizen makes trips to the Middle East, possibly to train for terror, they should not be allowed back in our country, and they should lose their citizenship.  It would be their choice after all.


Where are these proposals?


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