Big Game Hunter and Proud of It

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Lloyd Hill, in his own words, has been “hunting and killing one thing or another my entire life” – and he is not kidding – especially when it comes to the Big Game type.

The firearm, Precision Rifle expert and security professional has worked everywhere from the Charlottesville Police Department SWAT team – all the way to tactical emergency responses in Kosovo, counter assault convoys in Bagdad and US Embassy security in Kabul.

In April of 2011, Lloyd founded Max Accuracy and Long Range Shooting Shop and most recently been featured on The Best of the West TV show. When he’s not training and consulting with folks on long range shooting and tactical weapons – Lloyd likes to hunt. Check it out:

In South Africa

Actually Joe's pig

Monster Cape Buffalo

Monster Cape Buffalo

Max Accuracy is a Firearms training/consulting business, specializing in expert training and consulting long range shooting and Firearms Training.  Long Range Shooting Shop specializes in the sale of Rifles, Scopes, Tactical Weapons and Handguns.

Little killer

Little killer

Additionally, Long Range Shooting Shop offers all types of hunting and shooting accessories including long rate hunting rifles and setups, as well as an array of knives and other shooting related products.

My Kudu

My Blue Wildebeest

Maybe the thing I like about Lloyd the best is that he lacks the political correctness that so many of us here in America seem to have fallen into. I had to laugh when I read his response to a comment on his website:


You are a sick fuck


Lloyd Hillon said:

Dear Mr. Prick. Thanks for visiting my site. I can see by your comment that you don’t approve??? I can also see by your anonymous email address that you are a particularly brave soul. Well since I am far from politically correct let me put this into easy to understand terms. I have been hunting and killing one thing or another my entire life. It is as natural to me as breathing. Or as natural as it is for you and your kind to have baseless useless opinions. So I do this as a courtesy to you so that you and your friends can spend more time smoking dope and feeling sorry for yourselves. Don’t waste your time commenting on things that you see me and my kind involved in. You people and your opinions mean as much to us as the bubble gum that occasionally sticks to the bottom of our shoes.

Lloyd HIll


Check out the rest of his hunting photos and get all the information you need on Lloyd, his companies and services HERE:

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