April’s Mom…and the Moon Swoons: Spread the Romance

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Ok, folks, here are a couple of tender stories to get you in the mood for Valentines Day weekend, so as you can spread the romance.

April was pretty sure she was not a nuisance, but she was getting tired of hearing it all the time.

Her parents had been divorced for six months, and April and her little brother lived with their mom in the small town of Juniper. April could tell her mom was sad, but she thought if she could get her to play again maybe that would make things better.

But her mom never wanted to play or color or do fun stuff, and she kept on saying those mean things.
Janet loved her children but there was never enough time. April was always under foot wanting to do things Janet did not have time for. She would ignore her for a while but then she would end up saying it even though she knew she did not mean it, “Go away April you are such a nuisance.”
One day Janet was yelling at April and something gave way in the little girl. A piece of April broke away from her heart and traveled to the sky. Some sadness that had been hanging around the dust on the top of the refrigerator moved into her heart to fill the hole.
In the sky April met the cloud people and quickly became friends. The cloud people were always kind to her and knew lots of fun games. She discovered the cloud people were always in the sky, but sometimes they made themselves invisible so the sun, the stars and the moon could have a good view. She loved the cloud people but after a while she started missing her mom and brother.
One day the piece of April that was in the sky was watching her family on earth. Her and the cloud people were very sad because April’s mom was yelling at her and her little brother.
But then something different happened. The piece of sadness in April’s heart asked her mom a question. “Mom,” she said, her voice trembling a little, “am I really a nuisance?”
Janet looked at April for a moment, she had never said anything like that before. Then she shook her head and said, “No April, you are not a nuisance, you are a delight.”
When the piece of April that was in the sky heard that she went flying back to earth, pushed the sadness out of the way and gave her mom a big hug. Rain began falling on the roof, April ran outside looked up and saw her cloud friends crying tears of joy.
Kelly smiles and the moon swoons.
She laughs and all the ice in the Coke machine melts.
The boys fail to notice and the tug in her heart kills a wild flower meadow. However the boys secretly notice and are overwhelmed.
Eric has guts, he looks out of place at the ballpark dressed in black as he is. He walks straight up to the hotdog stand orders a coke and asks Kelly out on a date. His coke comes with no ice, because Kelly is laughing and smiling.
They go for a walk and hold hands on that first date;
the warmth and affection reawakens the wild flowers and inspires God to create a new song bird.

not bad, eh?
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