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Alan Greenspan: Price of Gold to “Rise Measurably” [VIDEO]


Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan – the head of the world’s most powerful central bank for nearly two decades – lays out a case for an investment in gold and other precious metals due to the government machinations that have brought us to where we are today.

While the Federal Reserve continues to print trillions of dollars to keep this economic house of cards afloat, many investors say it’s inevitable that things will again fold under their own weight not unlike the crash of 2008.

The man who is essentially the architect responsible for domestic monetary policy under four U.S. Presidents has now said that a significant market event will take place when the Fed is eventually forced to exit their monetary easing and zero-interest rate policies.

Read in detail what Greenspan has to say HERE:

The fundamental economic problems facing the United States must be resolved. Stocks are once again at historic highs, due to manipulations of the interest rate and dollar.

But it won’t last. It can’t.

Greenspan makes it clear we’re facing a serious problem – and what the individual can do to guard against another calamity:

Pretty simple: Where will the price of gold be in five years? .. “measurably higher.”

And if gold rises as a result, so too will other resource assets in the energy and mining sectors.

What it boils down to is that the assets that are necessary to keep our system operating will always have value, and that is especially true in a situation where the U.S. dollar happens to be crashing.

Uranium , for example, powers one in five American homes, which means that it will always be a necessary resource, regardless of what the dollar does or doesn’t do.

Thus, when we consider ways to preserve wealth and insulate ourselves from the coming destruction of our currency one must consider holding physical assets.

For some that means stockpiling food and other supplies in anticipation of Greenspan’s market event that could adversely affect credit flows and delivery of essential goods.

For others who may currently hold stocks, U.S. Treasurys, or cash, diversifying your portfolio with well managed resource-based companies will not only preserve wealth during currency volatility, but build it as the value of real, physical assets rises.

Are you prepared for that day?

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