Adapting on a Theme

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A while back I had the thought, “adapt” while doing some yard work. Like maybe I was adapting to being off the streets. The streets has it charms; like your day being your day. But becoming apart of and contributing to a loving community also has its benefits. Plus a shower and bed on demand ain’t half bad either.

The Queen(my mom) and I had lunch down at the senior center today. Once a month the Old Time Fiddlers plingay and you get a full course meal for four bucks. Some people were complaining their pork was too dry, but I took my time and found the juicy bits.

Red potatoes, cottage cheese, fruit medley and some fresh cucumbers rounded out my meal.

This spry older gentleman sat down by us, he escaped California a few years back, well actually the California tax code as he put it. He and his wife were in Canada for a few years living near her family, but got kicked out for having the wrong kind of visa. He likes the valley a great deal and has been here about four years.

Turns out he is a race car fanatic and used to race quite a bit himself. At one point in his life he was racing an AMC Javelin from the 60’s that he picked up for 4 grand. He later sold it to some fella named Penske for 45 grand, cash money. He was happy to get the cash and avoid the taxes, are you sensing a theme here?

untitledHe also said he met Paul Newman and his wife Joanne through racing. He said Newman was incredibly charismatic, and a great driver, but hated the press and autograph seekers.

One time Newman was dong his best to ignore the crowd but at some point a bunch of folks including a woman followed him into the bathroom. My friend said you could here him bitching them out pretty good clear out in the lobby.

I have always loved Newman and he directed a lovely adaptation of the Glass Menagerie, that old Tennessee Willaim’s classics, starring his wife Joanne. He did what he wanted with his life and was kind hearted enough to start a great charity.

Me and this guy took a couple of swats at the Queen and her liberal like attitude, but she took it in a kind hearted way and that was how it was intended. I love the older generation, great stories told with a gentle demeanor, nothing better than that.

Life can get tough on them though if they get to feeling isolated. One of my mom’s friends has decided to quit eating up at a local nursing home. My girlfriend and I, along with the kindest dog in the world, Mr. Totes Mcgrotes, are going to pay her a visit.

Peace to you folks, Hobo John here; I love you with everything that I have. That is my motto, my mantra and the truth of things. Send me a facebook request if you are feeling that way.

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