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6 Things Obama Can Do Which Would Actually Be “Fair”, Mr. President, to all Americans:


It would be “fair”, Mr. President, to all Americans if you would do those things listed below.  We remember your pledge for a “fundamental transformation” as well as to make everything “fair” for all Americans.

Obama’s view of America is as a flawed nation which preys on the weak and forces itself on other countries.
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He considers himself to be a citizen of the world before being a citizen of the United States of America.  He cannot get past his years spent living in Indonesia and the hatred of America which is taught there.

Here are some ideas for fairness which are held by mainstream Americans:
1) It would be “fair” for our President to support Christianity as much as he supports and defends Islam, which he romanticizes.  It would be “fair” if he would condemn the killings of Christians in the Middle East as well as the slights against Muslims which might occur in America.
2) It would be “fair” to protect Americans from harm by naming our current enemy, radical Islam.  They recently beheaded 21 Christians, including a “Message Signed with Blood to the Nation of the Cross”. Our President referred to them simply as criminals killing “citizens”, daring not to say the word Christian.
3) It would be “fair” to devise a viable strategy to end their dominance, and then follow the plan.
 4) Our President could use his influence to ask moderate Islamists to stand up and stop the perversion of their so-called peaceful religion.
5) It would be “fair” to put an end to the practice of putting those affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in Presidential advisory positions and even on the House Intelligence Committee.
6) It would be “fair” to initiate a Presidential and American-organized coalition of those countries who view this action of Muslims once again trying to take over the world as uncivilized.
Most of all, it would be fair to have a President who works for every American, not just his selected few.  It would be fair to have a President who actively protects us and our interests.  Life is not always “fair”.



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