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10 Solid Reasons That Criticisms of Obama Have Nothing to Do With Skin Color


I once was challenged by my local newspaper to show one reason other than skin color for Americans’ dislike of President Obama. I responded with the following:

My specific criticisms of President Obama, from October 2013:

1) He does not respect our great country, our Constitution, nor the wonders of Capitalism.

2) He makes many radical Progressive appointments

3) He and his Departments write entirely new laws and regulations without or sometimes directly against the votes of Congress, having done so nearly 100 times. While claiming he has written no more than any other President, his Executive Orders are different.  They are not meant to clarify a law, but to write broad, sweeping new laws into the books. He claims it is the power of his pen and his phone.

obama4) He signs a bill into law and immediately determines which parts he will and will not defend and enforce.  He does this in spite of the fact that he does not have the power to rewrite laws on his own.

5) He was so intent on passing Obamacare that he and his Democrat Senators passed it with not even one Republican vote, and no market-based reforms. The Senate changed the very way it does business in order to pass the law with only 51 votes instead of the typical 60 (the so-called nuclear option) – a desperate move for sure.  It was all about the control of all Americans.

6) He is divisive, calling upon his supporters to punish his enemies, dividing our country as has not been done for many decades.  He and Democrats never speak in a way that draws Americans together.

7) He and Democrats declare that every disagreement with his agenda is based on racism and bigotry, not honest differences in opinion or methods of problem solving.

I never heard back from the Petoskey News Review.

After his 6 years in office, I will add the following:

8) He promotes ever larger budgets and deficits.

9) He oversaw and has yet to answer for the following debacles: the IRS’ targeting of conservatives; Fast and Furious; the surveillance by the NSA of our media and American citizens without the benefit of warrants; the four Americans killed in Benghazi; the terrible treatment of our veterans at VA hospitals; and the swap of Islamic terrorists for one American soldier who deserted his combat unit to join the enemy.

10) He adamantly refuses to negotiate or compromise, always saying that he won two elections.  He offers to work with Republicans, IF they want the exact same thing he wants.

None of these criticisms have anything to do with the color of his skin, just the manifestations of his ideology.


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