Why Would You Send Your Daughter to College Even if it’s FREE??

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President Obama launched an initiative in January of 2014 to aggressively target rape at American universities — claiming that one in five women have been assaulted in a college setting.

Now the President wants you to send your daughter off to community college be raped, the upside is that he wants it to be free.  Here’s a great Tweet on that.

However, the rape statistic isn’t accurate. According to a Department of Justice report published last month, the actual figure is 0.03 in five.

Got that?  Obama claims 1 in 5.  Actual, according to Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, 0.03 in 5.  Error rate:  16,700%

He’s also claiming that free community college will only cost $60 billion.  You can help pay for that with the $2,500 you’re saving on your ObamaCare health insurance.

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