Why Hillary Won’t Be the Democratic Nominee

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We’ve been saying for at least a year that Hillary will not be the Democratic nominee.  If she runs, and that’s a big “IF” she will peak on the day she announces.  It’ll be all downhill from there.  We’ve noted that the Obama team that ran two successful campaigns, one against Hillary, is now urging Lizzie Warren to run.  Hillary is not their man.  Or woman.  Or whatever.

And now there’s Jay Leno.

I don’t see the fire.

“Her and Elizabeth Warren are almost the same age,” Leno said, comparing Hillary to the Massachusetts senator beloved by the left wing of the Democratic Party. “And I see Elizabeth Warren come out — ‘boom’ — throwing punches. ‘Boom, boom, boom, boom.’”

“And I like her,” Leno continued, speaking of Hillary. “But she seems to be sort of, she seems very slow and very — I don’t see that fire, you know, that fire that I used to see, that I see in Elizabeth Warren. Because I say to people, ‘how much younger is Elizabeth Warren than Hillary?’ And people go, ‘oh, 15 years.’ No! 18 months.”

Hillary is losing Hollywood.

And then there’s the Bill problem.  Do you think middle America is ready for another round of the Democratic Party’s war on women?  The Republicans won’t have to bring it up, heck, Monica Lewinsky is already on the speaking tour.  And Bill did get linked to pedophile a little while back.

Does that leave a clear field for Fauxcahauntas?

We can only hope.  We can only hope.


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