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Welcome to “WhiteLandia”: Now Get into Groups According to Skin Color..


Oregon is one of the most fantastic places on earth – I’ve been there many, many times and have always tried to figure out how I could make a living there so I could move to the Rogue River Valley, out East in Bend, or even Coos Bay.

Maybe “WhiteLandia” is where I’ll settle!

But I’m not that welcome anymore – all because my parents were born white.

Damn! I’m just too darn white for Oregon..

Hat tip / Tami Jackson:

This you gotta see: Portland teachers participated in a for-credit public event titled “WHITELANDIA” recently.

This isn’t the documentary “WhiteLandia” – but just an event in Portland, where activists presented a “White Privilege” seminar to let you know what a bigot you are. You bigot.

video courtesy of Dan Sandini

I assume the intent is to help race relations, but honestly – the whole “white priviledge” movement is actually starting to make me think I’m superior – and I’ve never thought that before.

Wouldn’t it therefore make people who aren’t white – especially young, impressionable people – think they were inferior? I don’t know, I just know when I was a kid we were all split up by skin color and now they’re doing it again for some reason..

Yes, Obama’s having quite an effect on this country..

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