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Watch: Bill Maher Slams Cowardly Who Won’t Criticize Islam [VIDEO]


“It’s not my fault that the part of the world that is most against liberal principles is the Muslim part of the world…”
— Bill Maher

maherWe’ve always agreed with Bill Maher when he talks about freedom of expression – that much we have in common with this high-profile, legendary liberal comedian / pundit.

But now we’re on the same side again and it has more to do with liberty and the reality of our enemies:

Bill Maher says we’re becoming a “Pussy Nation” – afraid of offending Islam.

I have nothing to add to that.

Here’s Mr. Maher on Jimmy Kimmel:

Bill Maher Blasts Radical Islamism for Paris Terror Attack

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Of course he still says plenty we disagree with, but hey – it’s a start!


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