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Imagine if you could simply convince Congress to Balance Our Budget and Abolish the IRS. Wouldn’t that be great?

They all talk about tax “reform” and the importance of fiscal responsibility. However, since actions speak louder than words, given their history and lack of urgency, it is more reasonable to assume it won’t happen; no matter how many town meetings we attend, how many rallies we hold, how many phone calls we make or emails we send, and/or elections we have.

by Lou Marin – article reprinted by permission

The good news is, there is a better way! Before we get into the how, let’s further evaluate our recent efforts first.

election 2014So, Do Elections Matter???

Will the recent election actually make things better? We hope they will; however, I would contend that they will just make our situation not as bad. We’ve gotten better at placing patriotic representatives; however, the good people are still greatly outnumbered by the bad ones… and, the reality is, it may never change.

I think we can all agree that there are way too many elected officials that put their self-interest, party interest, and “Special Interest Groups”, before our Nation’s interest.

Fighting The Good Fight – On Defense…

We spend a large portion of our resources (time, money and effort) defending one battle after another – whether it’s trying to up-root political elitists through elections, or national debt, deficits, IRS scandal, tax reform, amnesty, immigration reform, Obamacare, the pipeline, government funded abortion, Agenda21, Common Core, Benghazi scandal, bailouts, no budget, continuing resolutions, monetary policy, water boarding, on and on and on.

All of them together becomes very overwhelming. So, what can we do? Give up? The answer is of course – HELL NO!

It’s Time To Go On OFFENSE…

If you’re fed-up with old politics of “buying” favors from one group at the expense of the rest and ready to save this county and win back control, then it’s time to go on offense. . Rather than hacking away at the effects of (mis)representation, it is time go to the heart of the matter. We need to stop viewing our representatives as the opposition, and start treating them as our employees.

I’ll say it again, we need to stop viewing our representatives as the opposition, and start interacting with them as our employees. In other words, it’s time to “take the ball back” and go on offense. Unfortunately, right now, they have another, more influential and very powerful “quasi-employer” known as the

“Special Interest Groups”. If the power brokers influence and control Congress with their money, then we need to do the same with ours, that’s right….. I said ours; it’s our tax money being misused. Let’s restrict how Congress takes our money, and how they spend it. I know it sounds like a pipe dream, but it’s not. We are already making significant progress.

ChangeCongress-FollowTheMoney696How Are We Going To Get Congress To Comply???

We do not have to. There is no reason for us to hope that Congress or the power brokers in Washington are EVER going to pursue any serious fiscal reform.

The answer is, we DON’T GO TO them, we use our Constitutional authority to WORK AROUND them…..in other words, we circumvent Congress.

It’s Time Change The Strategy – To Our Advantage. There is a little known, yet powerful clause our framers intentionally wrote into the U.S. Constitution called Article V. This Article gives the States the authority to amend the constitution without congressional approval. Only 34 states are required to propose a single subject resolution such as a Balanced Budget Amendment. Stay with me, this is not a pipe-dream.

How Do We Get This Done?

STEP ONE – Cut-up their “Credit Cards”…

We start by getting rid of the “national charge card” with a Balanced Budget Amendment. We don’t allow Congress to spend more than they take in. The exciting news is that there are very active fellow Americans and Patriotic Groups working together and making significant progress. So far, 24 states have joined our Article V Campaign and ALREADY passed our Balance Budget Amendment (BBA) resolution, only 10 more states to go!, and, this is just the beginning.

Did you know that an overwhelming percent of Americans (74% plus) agree that this needs to be done? In a recent Gallop poll, over-spending by the federal government was confirmed as the number one concern for the average citizen. We all know Congress won’t; however, we can – AmeriCANs.

STEP TWO – Create Millions Of American Jobs By Scraping The Tax Code & Firing The IRS..

Due to the promising progress on “Step One”, we’ve decided to initiate “Step Two.” A New Year; a New Resolution, to repeal the 16th amendment, abolish the IRS, and REPLACE (not reform) the tax code.

IRS-targeted-groups-with-anti-Obama-languageScrap it all and Replace it with something much better, The FairTax. Why the FairTax? It is the only proposal that will take the Tax Code away from Congress.

They can’t be trusted with it. The Special Interest Groups will just buy their way back in, and it won’t be long before the political insiders add all their loopholes.

Only a consumption tax will broaden our tax base to include the underground market, criminals, illegal aliens, John Kerry, Al Sharpton, Timothy Geithner, Charlie Rangel as well as visitors. FairTax will also eliminate the corporate tax, and make the USA the most attractive and freest place to start, grow and invest in a business. In turn, it will increase the demand for USA based workers – lowering actual unemployment and increasing salaries. Also, under a consumption based system, there will be no need for personal tax returns, NO reporting to IRS, and no need to keep track of receipts. The Federal

Government no longer needs to know all your personal transactions.

The Rebirth Of The ARTICLE V Is Coming Just In Time…

2014 was a very positive year for us, and 2015 looks to be even better. There is a strong belief among leaders throughout America that the Article V movement is the only solution to fix the mismanagement of Washington, and to reign in the federal government’s overreaching power.

Support Is Coming From Everywhere…

A broad coalition of prominent groups has already united to get the job done. We are especially thankful to all the people working with I Am American (www.IAmAmerican.org) and Balanced Budget Amendment Tasks Force (www.BBA4USA.org), and all the hard work and contributions by grassroots citizens, like you. We’re also, VERY grateful for organizations that have joined our Article V BBA4USA movement such as National Tax Limitation Committee (NTLC), National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), National Taxpayers Union (NTU), Grassroots Activist, as well as all the state legislatures who signed our BBA pledge as well as joined our efforts.

Support and endorsements are also coming from well know individuals like 2012 Presidential Candidate and national talk show host Herman Cain, President Reagan’s advisor Lew Ulher, Article V Expert Professor Rob Natelson, Ohio Governor John Kasich, President of the BBA Task Force David Biddulph and many more.

It’s Late In The Game…

America is nearing the fiscal cliff. This is NOT a left or right issue.

It’s an American issue that needs to be resolved immediately to avoid national bankruptcy.

We are over $18 trillion in debt, and have nearly 75,000 pages of tax code and both are growing – there’s not a lot of time left. This is a very serious game of life and freedom; for you, me, our families and generations to come.

NOW is the time to get off the bench and, to put your best foot forward. We need to save this country before it is too late. We can’t rely on Washington to fix this mess. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of these campaigns, and your support to help finish the job. With your help, success is certain.

Remember, those who control the money control the destiny of our nation! The Article V process gives “We the People” the ultimate authority to by-pass the federal government and amend the U.S. Constitution with a Balanced Budget Amendment as well as abolish the 16th and shut down the IRS once and for all. Politicians who fail to listen must be fired and sent home!

Before you do anything else, please clink on the link to their website, and sign-up now: www.IAmAmerican.org or text IAA to 53445 to receive critical updates right to you mobile phone! Then forward the information you receive to your friends and family, and then share it on social media! We need you to become part of our grassroots army of volunteers! We can’t thank you enough!

Find out more at www.IAmAmerican.org 

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