VOTD: Think You Could Out Shoot Her?

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I know I couldn’t right now… a little time at the range… maybe!

As accomplished as this young lady is with firearms, it seem that her and her parents came under fire from anti-second amendment libs…

Here’s her fathers response to the haters:

 Katelyn is my daughter. Thanks for most of you who support this. For those that dont, I spent 25 years of my life defending your 1st amendment. Dont trample my 2nd. This is my daughter and I will raise her how I see fit. As long as that doesn’t infringe on your rights please do not try to infringe on mine.

That, to me, looks like some really solid parenting… That’s what I would expect from a 25 year veteran!

I agree with Southern Boyz Outdoors when they say:

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