VOTD: Strange Water Cryptid

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Weird! Youtube user. Leftovers4Dinner wrote:

First, I’m not a cryptozoologist or someone that goes out looking for the paranormal/unknown. Seriously, check my channel, it’s full of craft videos and my dogs.

But while hiking with my dogs in First Landing State Park (Virginia Beach), we went along one of the less popular trails near the brackish marshland. Lots of pretty stuff, and cool things to photograph. I was out practicing with my new Canon STM lens. It was getting late, and I got kinda confused on the trails. I wasn’t sure if I should take a bridge path or keep heading north. When I first walked by this bridge (over a creek area), I noticed something struggling to swim up current.

The tide in this area is VERY Strong, and that tidal force only increases as the marsh areas get smaller/tighter. I’m not sure what I saw, or even if it was a live animal (maybe it’s something creepy and dead), or what, but it looked like it was swimming and struggling in the creek. Oddly, it kept bobbing under the water when my flash or the shutter noise on my camera went off. I decided to get some video of it so I could show friends/family what I saw. Let me know what you think, it creeps me out thinking there’s something weird swimming around the park I grew up next to.

This thing looks plenty strange and the tape looks un-doctored to me… What do you think it is?

If you have any idea, let us know in the comments, and share this with someone that might know if you don’t.

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